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Letters: ‘We Need A New Form Of Capitalism’

Capitalism is an 'ideology built on a fraudulent premise', writes Stephen Locke.

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There is a war brewing, and it’s an unnecessary war. Those who own everything material are trying to depopulate the Earth.

In order to gain control of whatever is left. WE NEED A NEW FORM OF CAPITALISM, AND WE NEED IT NOW. Population control or depopulating as we should describe it. Because, that’s what’s happening everywhere in the world, needlessly happening. It’s ideology is built on a fraudulent premise. That the earth is over populated. This isn’t fact.

The truth is wealth or capitalism can’t sustain itself. Capitalism belongs only in the digital world, a world without material resources. But infinity squared worth, of virtual resources to exploit.

With capitalism comes extreme social and political pressure, to constantly consume what limited resources the material world unearths. Put this another way, we don’t have enough resources for capitalism to thrive and prosper. We are finite in usable material resources.

Capitalism’s solution to the shortage of resources is to depopulate the Earth. A mistaken concept and only a temporary fix. This problem will always surface. Even in micro populations, still dependant on material resources.

There has always been enough space for people on the Earth. But in order to achieve a balance, destructive ideologies must be purged from our cultures. Capitalism is fighting humanity in a battle for survival, this doesn’t need to happen. As capital can survive in the non-material virtual world forever. Never causing harm or demanding extreme amounts of material resources again.

The material society in which human life thrives, can constantly recycle all of its material again. We can build anew with the remnants of what we’ve used. And we can do this successfully. With capitalist surviving and thriving along with us and with their creation capitalism, we material beings can grow the earth again and the capitalists can grow in the virtual space. Using virtual currency and virtual resources. Two separate ideologies working in cooperation but thriving independently.

Stephen Locke

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  1. If you define capitalism as the need to have unequal holdings of wealth between individuals, groups and corporate bodies in order to build up business and industry and infrastructure then capitalism is necessary for all cultures which have progressed beyound hunter gathering and primative agriculture.

    We have three main forms of capitalism:
    Communism in which the State is corporate power.
    Fascism which is the merger of State and corporate power.
    Crony capitalism in which we have a government elected by the people and that administers the visible State. The government however has its policies directed by and for the invisible State of the big corporations especially the financial corporations which are not elected.

    All three systems are effectively the same with different bells and whistles. e.g. Communists have the best songs, fascists the best uniforms and crony capitalists the best bullshit.

    There is only one form of capitalism that is run by and for the benefit of the the productive classes of any society: Libertarian capitalism. Libertarian capitalism most closely achieves the ideological positions of:

    1) Karl Marx: The people owning the factors of production.
    2) Margret Thatcher: A share holding democracy with wealth cascading down the generations.

    Strange that Marx and Thatcher shared the same libertarian capitalist position. Both however ended up producing systems in which the State owns the wealth, not the people. In the UK’s crony capitalist system it is the invisible State that owns the wealth. They achieve this through asset stripping the people. e.g. IDS plans to create a super nanny state based on the means tested Universal Credit so that the wealth of those forced out of the economy by the greed and coruption of his cronies in the invisible State can be taken from them and gifted to these self same crony banking pals responsible for the economic damage in the first place.

    In the UK it would be straightforward (in principle) to introduce libertarian capitalism through a simple technical change. It would accomplish Thatcher’s dream, reduce taxes and minimise benefit payments through the welfare system while ensuring the unemployed, the sick and disabled are even better off!

    If all you can see is the visible State then this would not seem to be possible. Open your eyes!

    I wish I had time to describe it here….

  2. Er… Capitalism is a distortion of the free market, which needs it’s removal. if you keep capitalism, you keep pandering to the few above the many, because it’s entire point is to concentrate capital in the hands of the few.

    And “virtual currency” like bitcoin is a waste of power and a rich-get-richer currency, too. We need local currencies, not virtual currencies.

  3. It seems as tho we have been participating to one degree or another in a gigantic game of Monopoly, and we are now in the final stages where one player takes all. That seems to me to be capitalism in essence. Social democracy is the rest of us trying to intervene and at least slow it down. Believers in the markets will only speed the process up, whether they agree or not that it’s taking place at all.


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