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  1. Well what would we expect from IDS he’s as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Question Where does he get the idea that families will be £177 better off. They will only get the same amount of money over the year just paid differently. It will create a lot of debt because of the changes from weekly or 2 weekly payments to four weekly.
    How this system will generate economic growth beggars belief

    • Ah but it can generate ‘growth’ – if you consider the DWP paying out less as a result of foul-ups & delays resulting in increased interest earned on the funds staying in the Treasury/banking system. Not to mention the wages of the 80,000 civil service posts being made redundant over the next 18 mths or so as a result of the digital offices scheme, which will also slow errors/problem resolution down, as it`ll be added to the in trays of a faceless data processor who`ll be working procedurally, rather than somebody in a JCP who might conceivably take it upon themselves to take a personal interest and add weight to moving things alone…

      • Conservertive governments generate foul ups and delays and use hundreds of millions of pounds with their tin pot ideas and wall to wall cruelty

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