Shadow minister for disabled people, Kate Green MP, has set out Labour’s plan to improve the support available to disabled benefit claimants in helping them find work.


  1. Many disabled & mentally ill people simply can not work. Yet Labour say nothing to address the constant harassment and bullying, from both the government and society, driving vulnerable people into poverty, despair and even suicide. The WCA has been consistently unfair, too frequent and rigged against the claimant, yet Labour have remained silent and failed to repeal it and instead defend it because they are too cowardly, unprincipled and, dare I say, too Conservative to do anything about it.

  2. ‘Tougher than the Tories ‘ … The shortest political suicide note in history. As a variabled person voting Nu Labor would be like a Turkey voting for Christmas. This is pure PR and an example of Nu Labor being simply a job creation scheme for another brand of Toff. The ministerial cars are disappearing before your very eyes.

  3. Wouldn’t trust her (speechwriter – “I met a man” blah blah – same as Ed’s!) further than I could throw her. She hasn’t got a single original idea in her head. This is all PR. A bloody disgrace. We weren’t all born yesterday! VOTE SNP!

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