Former Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Debbie Abrahams MP. Photo: Labour

Labour’s Debbie Abrahams has stepped down from her position at the Party’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, accusing the leader’s office of intimidating and bullying behaviour.

The Party released a statement on Sunday evening, saying: “Debbie Abrahams has stood aside from her role while the Labour Party investigates an employment issue.”

It’s understood that Ms Abrahams was asked to temporary step aside following undisclosed “work based complaints”, however Labour has yet to divulge any details about the nature of those complaints.

Her role will be filled by Margaret Greenwood MP, but it remains unclear as to whether this will be permanent or temporary change.

Ms Abrahams says she did not agree to step aside and has categorically denied any wrong-doing, vowing to “fight this spurious claim”.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Abrahams said: “I refute the allegations that have been made against me in the strongest possible terms.

“I will fight this spurious claim and do not rule out taking legal action.

“I have had no details about the complaint, who it is from, the process or timescales. I have not agreed to stand aside.”

She continued: “My treatment by certain individuals in the leader’s office over the last 10 months has been aggressive, intimidating and wholly unprofessional.

“My treatment in the last week has shown a bullying culture of the worst kind. As such I am making a formal complaint to both the Labour Party and Parliamentary authorities.”

Abraham’s has won support from disabled people and low-paid workers for challenging the Conservative’s welfare policies.

An unnamed Labour MP told Sky News: “They’ve been looking to get rid of her for ages but they couldn’t find any ammo. Then this mysterious complaint turned up.”

A Laboour Party spokesperson refused to give any details about the alleged complaints, but said: “Debbie Abrahams has stood aside from her front bench role while the Labour Party investigates an employment issue.”

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