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An outspoken Labour MP has called for ONE MILLION people to take to the streets in a mass protest against Tory austerity cuts.

Writing on his blog, Michael Meacher said that the ‘250,000’ strong protests which took place last weekend were a “very good start”, but added that “it needs to be followed through with ever bigger demos over the next few months”.

Mr Meacher said “you can always tell when the Establishment is worried”, because the majority of right-wing newspapers choose not to report protests against the Tories.

The right-wing media normally only report these events “if scuffles or violence takes place”, said Mr Meacher. Suggesting that they were waiting for a way to discredit and demonise those people who attended.

He added that, “if the pressure continues and grows bigger still, government takes notice and behind the scenes begins to backtrack”.

Mr Meacher slammed the government’s “brutally unjust” austerity agenda, for “punishing the victims of the financial crash whilst letting the perpetrators off with impunity” – presumably meaning banks and bankers.

Austerity “isn’t even working”, he said. “The deficit is still £92bn and hardly reducing at all, whilst growth – the real way to pay off a deficit – is being squashed, the latest quarterly growth figure having plummeted to just 0.3%”.

He argued that the Tories “were only backed by less than a quarter of those who voted – the lowest share of the vote in their history”.

With a tiny majority of just 12 MPs “the Tories are far from invulnerable”, said Mr Meacher. “The Tories are still seen and resented as the defenders of a discredited elite.”

“And Cameron’s plans to make most strikes illegal, as well as ramping up strike-ballot thresholds, should ensure that the whole weight of the trade union movement is thrown in to support not only industrial action, but demonstrations and local fightbacks across the country.”

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Michael Meacher is the Labour member of parliament for Oldham West and Royton.

You can read Mr Meacher’s full blog here.

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