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Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will this week declare war against rising levels of hate crime, it has been announced today.

She will set out an ‘action plan’ to ‘challenge rising levels of antisemitism, Islamophobia, racist attacks, disability hate crime and attacks on the LGBT community’.

Labour say they would strengthen the law so that homophobia and disability hate is treated with the same level of seriousness as racist hate crimes, which can be classified as ‘aggravated offences’.

The party would also ensure that the criminal records of perpetrators are ‘clearly marked’ with hate crime offences.

New guidance from the Sentencing Council would be used to ensure the appropriate sentencing for hate crimes, particularly in relation to repeat offenders.

Yvette Cooper says a future Labour Government would clamp down against hate crimes on social media, which she claims is being used to “bully and abuse people”.

And more needs to be done to prevent homophobic bullying and the targeting of disabled children in schools, say Labour.

Despite a report from the Law Commission, which recommended changes to the criminal records system and to offences, the Tory-led coalition Government have failed to set out a strategy to respond to rising levels of hate crime.

Yvette Cooper said: “Hate crimes have no place in modern Britain. No one should fear being attacked because of their religion, their sexuality, the colour of their skin or their disability.

“Much more needs to be done to ensure those who commit these very serious crimes are brought to justice and this includes looking at where the law needs to be strengthened.

“But we also need to be looking at what more we can do to prevent discrimination, bigotry and hate taking hold in the first place. This includes work in schools to teach equality and the importance of understanding and respecting each other’s differences.

“And much more needs to be done to tackle hate crime online. Too often industry has been slow to respond to reports of their social media platforms being used to bully and abuse people or spread abhorrent ideology.

“The Government is not doing enough to tackle the rise in hate crime on its watch. Labour is determined that more should be done to stop the spread of hatred, hostility and division in our communities.”


  1. I hope she remembers that anti Scottish racism(hate crime) was rife in last few years and if she doesn’t think Scots are a race she should then consult the racial discrimination act of 2010 whereby racism aimed at someone through Nationality or national origin as well as attacking culture(Scotland’s culture is bashed constantly) this year alone there have been a number of charges being brought and calling Scots “Jocks” “Sweaty Socks” etc is classed as racist in same way as calling names against Pakistanis, Gays and Blacks. Cooper should read through the many many months of racist tweets on

  2. Beyond stupid! They are sanctioning people who are overweight then fining the people who say they are overweight, unbelievable.

  3. So, hang on, they can refuse to save the Independent Living Fund but say it’s wrong to do so by calling disability hatred as bad as racial hatred? I so wish I could vote None of the Above!

    • Go Green or just refuse to vote at all, voting is about voting for who best matches your morals, not about who has the best chance of winning, elections are not a horse race. People in these last decade or so have forgotten this.

      • “Go Green” – When I feel too many of their policies are pie in the sky?
        “Refuse to vote” – means I’m apathetic, can’t be bothered.
        “None of the Above” is a valid declaration that none of the offered candidates are suitable for me.

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