Scottish National Party (SNP) Media Release:

The SNP has condemned Labour MSPs for failing to vote against Tory welfare cuts at the Scottish Parliament [yesterday].

The Scottish Parliament backed a motion by Nicola Sturgeon noting the damaging and destructive impact of the UK Government’s welfare policies, and recognising that a with Yes vote the UK Government welfare cuts be halted.

The vote passed by 65 votes to 44 despite Labour voting against the Scottish Government position, something Jamie Hepburn MSP described as “a disgrace”.

Mr Hepburn, who is also Deputy Convener of the Welfare Reform Committee, said:

“It is an absolute disgrace that Labour MSPs opted to vote against the Scottish Government and with the Tories.

“The Tory cuts come from the UK Government in Westminster, but shame also lies with Labour MSPs who are so blinded by their opposition to an independent Scotland that they have forgotten about the people they are supposed to represent.

“Disabled people in Scotland face disproportionate loss of income due to Westminster’s welfare cuts. But with a Yes vote we can stop these cuts and deliver dignity to everyone in Scotland, regardless of their needs and abilities.

“Scotland has voted Labour and ended up with Tory governments too often in the past – the one opportunity we have to reverse the cuts and build a fairer Scotland is to vote Yes in the referendum next month.”

Source: SNP condemn Labour “disgrace” on welfare vote


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