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  1. A ;pt of the so called new jobs are like candyfloss and don’t quantify as permanent reliable full time work. People with children can’t put themselves in that position because they have rent to pay food to by and it can take a hell of a long time to get measly benefits. I look forward to the day when there is an u front joined up adult debate and the opportunity for the unemployed can tell it like it is Not some basic media tv program — me with a bias.

  2. What do they want from the REAL unemployed by that I mean those who do do everything within their power to find work, any work ! I know what I would want, when the claimant has sent off his/her CV or a job application to a perspective employer, those employers should be made by law to reply even if it is a no thankyou. Young ones especially with no or little experience are not being done right by at all. They are being made to go on these idiotic 2 week courses and are told there will be an interview at the end of them, bollocks there are no interviews..The money spent here on these ridiculous courses would be better spent on actually creating some kind of work experience within an actual place of work then employers would first hand be able to see that the lack of experience a lot of the time gives way to actually improving the positions advertised then see a lot of good workers in the making. If employers don,t send back any kind of feedback how can a job seeker claimant back up his or her claims that they have sent out letters, they have sent out x number of job applications..They can,t so when the DWP person assigned to these kids hasn,t made his or her target quota, kids are being denied their benefit even though they have done everything they have been asked to do and required by their so called Contract of looking for work. Family men and women who rely on their benefit to pay bills, put food on the table for their families, how is it right and just that these people should be given the power to destroy lives !!! It makes a mockery of the 2 wars we fought in for freedom for the UK people because those of us not fortunate enough to have 6 figure bank balances in this governments eyes are not worth anything. IDS is a dictator pure and simple his antics are costing the country millions and all he does is bump his gums and spout utter rubbish he has no clue none whatsoever. Sanctions are another tool that gives this man power over those he looks down on and should be abolished along with him and his communist ways of thinking.

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