A young job seeker was heckled and spat at as he walked the streets of Birmingham wearing a sandwich board asking for work.

Reece Enfield, 22, was targeted by hecklers and hate-filled members of the public as he handed out CV’s in the city centre, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The former film production student, who has never been out of work or education since leaving school at 15, said he wanted to add his own personal touch to job seeking.

Reece has worked at Greggs and McDonalds and also has experience as a bar manager.

He decided to design and don the sandwich board after failing to hear back from more than 50 job applications.

He told the Birmingham Mail: “Some guy just walked up and spat at me. He spat at my sign.

“It was really shocking but I didn’t want to put myself in a bad position so I didn’t react.”

He also claims a woman approached him on the same day and said what he was doing “wasn’t British and she did not approve of it”.

“It actually threw me backwards. I just couldn’t believe she had said that”, he said.

“I think British people are hardworking and I’ve been working hard to get a job.”

Despite the ordeal, Reece is determined to continue looking for work and will be back on the streets of Birmingham wearing the sandwich board this week.

He has so far handed out more than 60 CV’s and was rewarded for his hard work with an interview for an energy supplier.

“The interview went really well”, he said.

“The conversation was flowing so I’m just waiting to see what else comes of it. If I don’t get offered a job I’ll be back on New Street.

“It was shocking to be spat at and told it wasn’t British, but that was just two incidents out of a week of positives.”


  1. I applaud your determination. Take no notice of these idiots they have obviously not been out of work or in the case of the woman her husband. (I don’t usually like using stereotyping) That woman has got me seething.

  2. This guy has humbly put himself out there to ask for work He deserves to be on national news. I sincerely hope he has a job soon

    • you are right, my son spent every day going round places of work, handing out cvs. the jobcentre said it was not good enugh. he had to sign up for this work programme, when he did not apply for a job hundreds of miles away or coldcalling jobs, he was told he would be sanctioned. he did get a job three times by handing out cvs,and so far has been at his current job for five months. minimum wage,he loves it though.

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