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Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end in-work poverty and food bank use within five years

Labour leader pledged to deliver "real change" that will improve the "lives of millions".

Jeremy Corbyn has said that a Labour Government under his leadership should be judged on the “real change” it delivers and “the concrete improvements it makes to the lives of millions”.

Speaking in Telford, in his home county of Shropshire, Mr Corbyn declared that “the future is ours to make” but “we don’t have time to waste”.

He set out some of the Party’s main goals if they win the 2019 General Election, including an end to in-work poverty, ending rough-sleeping, and eradicating the need for food banks – all within a single parliamentary term (five years).

In a wide-ranging list, Mr Corbyn also pledged to build a million new affordable homes, scrap tuition fees, reduce waiting times for A&E and cancer treatment, smaller class sizes, a ‘green industrial revolution’, and a promise that 1.4 million older people would get the care they need.

Mr Corbyn vowed to be “a very different kind of prime minister” to those that have come before, one “who only seeks power in order to share power. Because this isn’t about me, it’s about us”.

‘Real Change’

Mr Corbyn said: “The future is ours to make. I want a Labour government to be judged by whether it changes people’s lives for the better after five years.

“Judge us on the real change we deliver, the concrete improvements to the lives of millions.

  • Judge us on whether in-work poverty still exists in five years’ time.
  • Judge us on whether people are still sleeping rough after five years of a Labour government.
  • Judge us on whether proud women and men are still having to depend on food banks five years into a Labour government.
  • Judge us on whether 1.4 million older people are still not getting the help they need after five years of Labour.
  • Judge us on whether tuition fees have been scrapped for all students so that no one is priced out of education.
  • Judge us on whether patients are still waiting more than four hours in A&E and tens of thousands are waiting months for cancer treatment.
  • Judge us on whether we’ve built a million genuinely affordable homes so that decent and secure housing is within the reach of everybody.
  • Judge us on whether we’ve got Brexit sorted within six months so we can get on with delivering the real change that Britain needs.
  • Judge us on whether primary children – including more than 2,500 children here in Telford alone – are still learning in classes larger than 30 after five years of a Labour government.
  • Judge us on whether we’ve unleashed a Green Industrial Revolution, created hundreds of thousands of green energy jobs in the communities that need them most and significantly reduced our greenhouse emissions.

“We don’t have any time to waste.”

‘A Very Different Kind Of PM’

Mr Corbyn said: “Politics should be about your life, your community, your job – the issues you face every day of the week. For me, real politics isn’t about shouting matches in parliament.

“For me, real politics, the politics I stand for, is about sharing power and wealth with people who don’t have a lot of money and don’t have friends in high places – to take control of their own lives.

“My job as leader, and my party’s job, is to champion those people, and bring about real change.

“You know my view of leadership is different from the one people are used to. Yes, I believe leaders should have clear principles that people can trust, and the strength and commitment not to be driven off course.

“You have to stand for something. But leaders must also trust others to play their part.

“Think of it like this: a good leader doesn’t just barge through a door and let it swing back in the faces of those following behind.

“A good leader holds open the door for others to walk through because everyone has a contribution to make.

“And when I talk about real change, that isn’t something that will be done to you. It’s something that can only be done with you.

“So if you, the British people, elect a Labour government on December 12, I will be proud to be your prime minister.

“Because I will be a very different kind of prime minister. Not the kind of prime minister who believes he was born to rule. Not the kind who thinks politics is a game.

“But the kind of prime minister who only seeks power in order to share power – because it isn’t about me, it’s about all of us.”

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