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Press Release: Although not officially a campaign group, Welfare Weekly has joined calls from disabled people to consign Work Capability Assessments (WCA) to the “dustbin of history”.

Welfare Weekly Editor Steven Preece said:

“These cruel, inhumane and fundamentally flawed tests have caused far too much misery and suffering for us to stand by and allow it to continue.

“The constant hounding and harassment of vulnerable people to prove their illness or disability must end, and the responsibility for deciding an individuals work capability returned in-house.

“Allowing private companies, who are only ever driven by profit, to carry out these tests is perverse, unjust and wholly unacceptable.

“We call on politicians from all sides, unions, GPs and other healthcare professionals to support sick and disabled benefit claimants in condemning the WCA to the dustbin of history”.


  1. Yes it is but we can’t re-form the ashes of those who have lost their lives. We can’t give children their mums and dads back. We can’t reclaim the lost homes or devastated relations. So if we confine it to the rubbish bin make sure it is not forgotten in the hope of it not happening again. One can dream!

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