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How to get a non-repayable £500 emergency coronavirus grant

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People in financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will receive immediate help in the form of a cash grant, thanks to an emergency coronavirus fund from national poverty charity, Turn2us. 

A one-off payment of £500 will not need to be paid back and is an expansion of the support the charity already provides via its grant making and support services.

This crisis grant is intended to be a financial life line for people who meet the fund’s simple eligibility criteria (see below); and will be put into people’s bank accounts as soon as possible.

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One million people have come to Turn2us for help in the last three weeks alone – a 520% increase. The charity, which provides practical help and information to people during life changing events, has ring fenced income from its recent fundraising appeal to support people affected by the pandemic and will pay out the grant via its Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund.

Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said: “Despite government measures to support people during the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people simply don’t qualify for help and will fall quickly into the hell and stress of financial crisis.

“On top of this, those who are eligible for help may have to wait months for the financial support to come through, and at the very least wait a minimum five weeks for Universal Credit.

“The Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund is designed to get help to people when they need it – now.

“We want to stop people from maxing out credit cards, getting into debt with banks and using high street lenders. We urge anyone who fits the criteria to apply for the £500 grant as soon as possible.

“Based on our own data and insight, we’re expecting the need for this support to grow and grow throughout the course of the lockdown and beyond.

“We urge anyone who is a financial position to do so, to donate now. You have the ability to make the most incredible difference. Your contribution will ensure that our grant fund can keep going and prevent as many of your neighbours as possible from falling into financial ruin.”

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The Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund is being funded by the generosity of donors. The charity is urging people who can to make a donation today and stand together with the people most in need of help during this time. 

To donate, please visit the Turn2us website or text the word TOGETHER to 70575 to give £10.

How To Apply

As funds are limited, Turn2us aim to help those who are most vulnerable and in most financial need. The charity is unable to replace earnings but can provide a one-off crisis grant of £500 per household towards essential living expenses.

This grant of £500 would cover vital living costs such as food and bills, and with this size grant the charity say they will be able to reach more people in real financial hardship.

The grants can be administered quickly and efficiently with payments being made directly into applicant’s bank accounts.

Turn2us can only help those who are in immediate financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus. Applicants will need to satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • They can clearly demonstrate a loss of income due to Covid-19 (evidence will be required showing at least a 50% reduction in earnings, for example bank statements, letter from employer outlining change in employment)
  • They are a resident of the UK / Republic of Ireland
  • They are not currently in Further or Higher Education
  • They are over 18
  • They have less than £1K savings (single person) or less than £2K savings (couple/family)

Those who do not meet this criteria are advised to use the Grants Search tool on the charity’s website to explore other avenues of assistance. As well as applying for support from this fund, they strongly advise applicants to also consider Government assistance.

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An application form can be found on the charity’s website at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Get-Support/Turn2us-Funds


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DWP faces judicial review after mentally ill man found ‘starved to death’

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