Sunday, December 6, 2020


Welsh Government Calls For Abolition Of ‘Cruel’ And ‘Perverse’ Bedroom Tax

Welsh Assembly members voted 32-16 in favour of a Plaid Cymru motion, backed by Labour, calling on the UK government to scrap the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

Homelessness At ‘Historically High Levels’ And Could Get Worse, Warns Landmark Study

The study warns that a dwindling social housing stock in Northern Ireland and reforms to welfare benefits risks 'pushing more people into increased financial hardship and homelessness'.

Majority Of Voters Support Rent Controls, Poll Shows

The majority of British voters support the idea of introducing rent controls, a poll by YouGov suggests.

Universal Credit ‘Will Put Many Tenants At Risk’, Say NHF

Most people will be required to apply for Universal Credit online, but a survey suggest that 40% have no internet access at all.

Campaigners Granted Permission To Bring Judicial Review Against Hated ‘Bedroom Tax’

The National Council for Civil Liberties, otherwise known as Liberty, has been granted permission to bring a judicial review against the coalition government's hated 'bedroom tax' policy.

Thanks For Paying The ‘Bedroom Tax’ – Have A Free Crème Egg

Welsh Housing Association offered a FREE Cadbury's Creme Egg as a way of thanking tenants for paying the controversial 'Bedroom Tax'.

3.8 Million Families Living On A ‘Knife Edge’, Say Shelter

3.8 MILLION families could be just one paycheck away from losing their home, the housing and homeless charity Shelter has warned.

Bedroom Tax Vs Mansion Subsidy

Press Release: Cheshire East Council Labour councillors supported a proposal to consider removing council tax discounts for single people living in houses above average size (band E and above).

Tenant’s Need ‘Clear Advice’ On ‘Bedroom Tax’ Liability, Say CIH Scotland

Social Housing tenants living in Scotland need 'clear advice' on whether or not they need to pay the controversial 'bedroom tax', the Chartered Institute of Housing (Scotland) say.

Unfair Benefit Sanctions Causing “Significant Levels Of Hardship”, Say Housing Federation

The UK is becoming an "unsympathetic and uncaring state", say The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

46 Liberal Democrat Peers Vote To Keep The ‘Bedroom Tax’ – 24hrs After Party President Opposed It

46 Liberal Democrat peers voted to keep the hated 'Bedroom Tax', despite party president saying the Lib Dems could no longer support the controversial policy.

Unite Calls For Vote To End ‘Obscene’ Bedroom Tax Ahead Of ‘Major Demonstrations’ This Weekend

Unite has called on Labour to push for a parliamentary vote to end the 'obscene' Bedroom Tax ahead of protests against the policy this weekend.

‘Bedroom Tax’ In The Docks As Charity Argues Hated Policy STILL Discriminates Against Disabled Children

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is representing Paul and Susan Rotherford, on behalf of their severely disabled grandson Warren.

Benefit Sanctions Will Hit Homeless Hardest, Scottish Charity Warns

Benefit sanctions and welfare reforms will hit homeless people in Scotland harder than any other group, a Scottish charity has warned.

Bedroom Tax: Only 6% Of Affected Households Move Home

BBC has discovered that only 6% of social housing tenants affected by the coalition government's controversial 'bedroom tax' have moved to a smaller property.

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