Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Young family with disabled child left homeless after benefits blunder

Council failed to correctly calculate the family's housing benefit entitlement and wrongly told landlord they owed £8,000 in overpaid benefits.

Pregnant homeless woman left to sleep on hard floor

Tower Hamlets council failed in their duty of care to protect a pregnant woman from homelessness.

‘Housing First’ programme lifts 200 homeless people off the streets this Christmas

Government backed programme mirrors similar successful schemes seen across Europe.

New figures reveal the shocking extent of England’s homelessness epidemic

One in every two hundred people in England will be homeless this Christmas, shocking new report reveals.

A child becomes homeless in Britain every eight minutes, report reveals

Shelter calls on every political party to put housing at the top of its domestic agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end in-work poverty and food bank use within five years

Labour leader pledged to deliver "real change" that will improve the "lives of millions".

Homeless should have say in policy making, says study

Policy makers should listen to people who have a personal experience of homelessness to help tackle the rising problem.

Tenancy reforms leave private renters at risk of ‘revenge evictions’

Tenants who complain about or request repairs unfairly removed from their homes.

3 in 4 people agree that benefits should increase to help prevent homelessness

Poll finds that 75% believe housing benefit should be increased to cover rising rents.

Benefits freeze pushing low-income families to the brink of homelessness

94% of properties in the private rented sector are unaffordable for families on benefits.

Huge surge in the number of homeless deaths in England and Wales

22% increase in homeless deaths described as "a national tragedy", as charities demand action.

Universal Credit five-week wait fuels hunger and homelessness, says Trussell Trust

Government urged to end the minimum five-week wait for Universal Credit.

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1.6 million households hit by £60 cut to benefits in just one month

DWP urged to scrap universal credit advance "loans" before thousands more are pushed into debt.

Tories warned of ‘mass unemployment’ as number of people out of work hits two-year high

UK government urged to extend the furlough scheme to protect workers.

Whingeing Lords demand hardship fund despite £162 daily allowance

Documents "expose the total privilege and sheer arrogance of unelected Lords at Westminster".

DWP to hire thousands of new work coaches amid Covid-19 job losses

"Getting Britain back to work as quickly as possible is vital", says DWP minister.

Universal Credit increase must be made permanent and extended to legacy benefits

Reversing the increase risks plunging 700,000 more people into poverty, report says.

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