Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Government pledge additional £105 million to keep rough sleepers off the streets during Coronavirus pandemic

Charities welcome announcement but say there is still much more that needs to be done.

Extending ban on evictions by 2 months is ‘only a stop gap’, say Shelter

Country faces a "tidal wave of homelessness" when the ban is lifted, say the charity Shelter.

Boris Johnson accused of ‘breaking a promise’ on home evictions ban

'Watered down' legislation risks dumping poor and vulnerable people on to the streets, say Labour.

Coronavirus: Rough sleepers to be supported with new £3.2m emergency package

Emergency funding announced to support rough sleepers and homeless people who need to self-isolate.

130% surge in number of rough sleepers admitted to hospital over last five years

New research findings should "serve as a wake up call” for the government to improve benefits and build more affordable homes.

Boris pledges £236 million to end rough sleeping as new research questions the accuracy of Government data

An investigation has found that rough sleeping in England could be five-times worse than official statistics.

Official government statistics grossly underestimate England’s rough sleeping crisis, new figures show

New figures reveal that the level of rough sleeping in England is five-times worse than official government statistics.

Council blasted by Ombudsman over its treatment of homeless family

Council delayed helping a family in need and failed to cooperate with investigation.

Rising homelessness and benefit cuts pushing councils into the red

Over two-thirds of councils in England have overspent on homelessness services in the last year alone.

Jobcentre staff to target homeless people in new £3m government scheme

Charities say government should focus on the root causes of homelessness and invest in the benefits system.

Ombudsman warns of the ‘human cost’ of housing benefit errors

Familes are facing homelessness because of errors in the way local authorities calculate housing benefit entitlements.

Housing benefit shortfall forcing families to sacrifice food shopping to pay rent

Government urged to increase housing benefit to help tackle rising homelessness.

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1.6 million households hit by £60 cut to benefits in just one month

DWP urged to scrap universal credit advance "loans" before thousands more are pushed into debt.

Tories warned of ‘mass unemployment’ as number of people out of work hits two-year high

UK government urged to extend the furlough scheme to protect workers.

Whingeing Lords demand hardship fund despite £162 daily allowance

Documents "expose the total privilege and sheer arrogance of unelected Lords at Westminster".

DWP to hire thousands of new work coaches amid Covid-19 job losses

"Getting Britain back to work as quickly as possible is vital", says DWP minister.

Universal Credit increase must be made permanent and extended to legacy benefits

Reversing the increase risks plunging 700,000 more people into poverty, report says.

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