1. Sounds like the British version of America’s GOP. They are throttling the piss out of our country & have the nerve to say “it’s for the good of our country!” No, it’s not. It benefits the business class, the ultra-rich, large landholders, and their political lapdogs. And their assaults continue, while some dimwitted American voters keep electing them because they can’t bare to look forward. Create a vision for our collective future. They just keep pissing on the poor, the elderly, children, veterans, teachers, organized labor, women, and the working class. Useless as tits on a boar. Then they shove religion down our throats to make it all seem justified.

  2. when she spoke, she only talked about homeless forces personnel, what about the vulnerable and disabled forced out of their home by unfair sanctions, evil WCA’s and bedroom tax? or does she think that only forces personnel deserve anything

    • No, I don’t think she does. But everyone has a story to tell on this subject and for her, that was her way of relating to the injustices. People who are willing to die for your freedom should not be left to live on the streets. And no one comes back from a war unscathed. At the same time neither should the members of our communities that you have mentioned.

      • neither should people who are disabled, simply unemployed especially through no fault of their own or anything like that. homelessness is punishment from this government for simply being poor or disabled. also there are many many many many more charities out there who help ex forces people after their “duties” than there are who help disabled people

  3. cameron loving it, he was uncomfortable other night, not enough but he did squirm a bit with paxman. the crafty git was grinning when all the other party leaders arguing, took it off him, he had a very easy time of it. ed ,much as I love you, please stop saying look let me explain,and looking beseechingly at me,look at cameron and smeg oops i mean cleg, bitching at each other.

  4. Well done to the lady in the audience, she hit the nail on the head. Veterans shouldn’t need to rely on charities to support them it should be the lying scumbags in the government who should provide help and assistance to our brave soldiers who have fought for Queen and Country. They all deserve the respect of this Nation….

    • My wife is American, we were not allowed to live in the UK because we didn’t have £60,000 pounds in a bank account at the time of our application and were told that “They had no doubt” that my wife would seek benefits… I was born in the UK and lived there until leaving the Army. I served in the British Army for 23 years, have a Bsc with Honors and my wife has a clear track history of work. There are many others in our situation. The UK government has failed its own citizens, while lecturing to other countries about human rights. It was ok for me to die for my country, just not ok for my wife to live with me there…

      • I have heard this before Alan where the husband can’t bring there wife home to live because of the ridiculous amount of money that they require to enter this country, although they are happy to pay benefits for the idol bastards who don’t want to work and allow immigrants in that don’t wish to intergrate within our society. I hope that you are both in this country now? BRB

        • Unfortunately we are not, we had to move to another European country to be closer to my family. Its easier for my wife and I to live in another E.U. country than it is in the UK. Our money is now spent in another part of Europe.

          • i placed a link above but its been held if they do not pass it type European Union , Employment, Social affairs & inclusion, family members and read up on your rights as a British EU Migrant living in another EU country. you have the right to bring your Non EU Partner back to UK after as little as one month of working on the EU Mainland under EU Law which super cedes all UK laws. the UK government will not tell you about this part of the EU.citizenship as it is at odds with government policy and over rules UK government policy.

          • Thanks Marc and Clive, we are very grateful for your support. I hope that the new government will not change this too soon as it looks like there will be a number of changes whoever gets in. The support of the people of the UK has amazed us and I feel that they understand our situation being a little unfair to say the least. Once again we greatly appreciate your help and support.

      • Alan please follow the link . you have a right to bring in your partner but there is a way round UK law using EU Migrant status which you gain when living and working on the EU Mainland.

        Social Affairs & Inclusion

        Family members
        please could the site owner let this link go through as the link is a European Union ruling that all in the UK do not know about and it really apples to Alan Smiles who needs to know his legal rights as a eu citizen.

  5. If it was me I would not have been able to help myself. I would have just called him a liar. Which he is. And as for bringing up his dead son yet again…words fail me. I was so angry with this my wife had to calm me down. I hate that man with a passion.

    • we all hated thatcher with passion and look what happened i just hope there no repeat ,i sometime’s wonder if the people int his country like having there noses rubbed in it

  6. I had to smile at his reply, ‘ we have to put more money into the charities that care for our veteran. Wtf Our veterans should not have to rely on charities. Shame on you David Camoron.

  7. Well. . . aye.

    She was bang on. Seriously, anyone who thinks that the Torries or their ilk have any kindness on them best contact me sharpish. I have some magic beans for sell.

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