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  1. The funding for crisis moments should never have been removed from the DWP. the Crisis Loan Scheme was up and running properly, but Ian Duncan Smith classed such loans as Free Money and Cameron backed him up in several speeches. When in fact it was never Free Money it was a Loan and had to be repaid back. Before it was handed to councils to run they proposed giving it over to community based saving trusts who would then charge up to 9% interest on such loans but there was a hue and cry over it. because it was seen as making a bad crisis even worse.
    Under the DWP crisis loan system claimants could have up to 78 weeks to pay it back in the same way they could have with the budgeting loan. Yet now it is under the Councils there is a surplus in a time when people are forced to use a food bank.
    The DWP crisis loan also covered those who were in work but were suffering a un-forseen crisis. but like i say David Cameron and Ian duncan Smith made out this was free money and not the repayable loan it actually was.

  2. There are 2 main problems here One hardly anybody knows about it and secondly thoe who have heard about it don’t know how to claim it

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