The Greens have been voted as the party ‘most likely’ to represent people with learning difficulties in England.

Learning Disability Alliance England (LDA), which consists of 1,000 people with learning difficulties and 500 organisations, said the Green Party in government is more likely stand up for their interests than many other parties.

Representatives from some of England’s biggest political parties made their case before a jury of people with learning difficulties and family members on Tuesday 2 April.

The Conservatives refused to send anyone to LDA’s ‘citizen jury’.


Marion Turner-Hawkes, the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough in Northants, presented the Green Party case.

“The Green Party is all about community and each of us standing up together”, she said.

“I think people really liked that we have an alternative and compassionate vision for the future, one which does not involve any more cuts to benefits or Social Care and includes people with disabilities playing a vital role at the heart of our communities and being paid well for doing so.

“Disabled people have been treated appallingly by the Coalition Government.”

She added: “We are determined that under a Green Government people with learning disabilities will have opportunities to have good homes, well paid jobs and good lives.

We also want to see people and families leading in their lives and no longer having to put up with abuse or the kind of horrendous neglect witnessed at Winterbourne View or some other care institutions”.

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  1. The LDA are spot on I believe. That is partly why I left the Labour Party after 36 years and will be voting for the Green Party at the next election!

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