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The SNP’s Westminster Women and Equalities spokesperson has marked International Women’s Day by launching a petition calling on the UK government to scrap the tax on child support for victims of domestic abuse.

The petition highlights that the Child Maintenance Service charges parents for utilising their managed service, and is in place to cut costs and encourage ex-partners to engage.

However during a debate in Westminster today, Angela Crawley MP said that victims of domestic abuse shouldn’t be punished financially because of an abusive ex-partner and, for safety, shouldn’t be encouraged to engage with them.

Currently, the UK government taxes victims of domestic abuse every month for using their safest method of receiving Child Maintenance – with 4% of what a parent is entitled to taken by the UK government, despite no other option being available.

Angela Crawley MP said: “Today marks International Women’s Day and 100 years since some women gained the right to vote, and although it is right to remember the remarkable achievements of women across the UK, we must also continue to speak up for those who are still struggling.

“That is why I have launched a petition calling on the UK government to scrap the shameful tax on child support for victims of domestic abuse.

“People who have suffered at the hands of abusive ex-partners should not find themselves in a position where they are punished financially, and encouraged to engage with that very same person.

“This year, legislation to tackle domestic violence and abuse will come before Westminster, and the UK government must use this opportunity to recognise the impact that this regressive tax can have, and scrap it immediately.”

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so here.

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