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The Green Party has pledged to scrap controversial Work Capability Assessments and provide free social care to those who need it.

The promise forms part of the party’s ‘disability pledge‘, which promises increased government funding to support disabled people.. and the end of the hated bedroom tax.

Greens are also pledging to reinstate the Independent Living Fund – funding which supports disabled people to live independently in their own homes – recognise British Sign Language as an official language and improve education for deaf children and adults.

Disabled people protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund.
Disabled people protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

Baroness Jenny Jones, who launched the party’s disability pledge in Oldham, said:

“The impact of austerity on disabled people has been dreadful. People with disabilities have suffered disproportionately from the bedroom tax and cuts in care funding.

“The Green Party is fighting back. We’re calling for the bedroom tax to be scrapped, for the Independent Living Fund to be reinstated and for the recognition of British sign language as an official language.”

Mags Lewis, disability spokesperson for the Green Party said:

“Disabled people have suffered so much under the coalition, with cuts impacting on disabled people six times more severely than anyone else.

“The Green Party’s Disability leaflet sets out our vision for a better, just, and fair deal for disabled people and their families. Specific manifesto commitments, such as reinstating the Independent Living fund (ILF)will help everyone live dignified lives, where they can contribute fully to society.”

Simeon Hart of the Deaf Green Party and Paul Weaver of the Green Party Disability Group said: “Diversity is extremely important in politics as it is in life.

“The Green Party Disability Group and the Deaf Green Party have worked together to raise the issues effecting Disabled and Deaf people.

“We strongly believe in the need to work to improve the situation for the Deaf and Disabled people of England and Wales.

“This launch is unique in that there has never been a joint launch of disability and deaf manifestos where both groups have worked together in any UK party before.

“Our Groups will jointly present our manifestos to show what we will do when elected to Parliament.

“We will work for the Common Good of all.”