Sunday, December 6, 2020

Food banks

MPs Launch Inquiry Into Benefit Delays

The Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into the accuracy and timeliness of benefit payments.

Welfare Cuts Will Lead To Soaring Levels Of Food Poverty, Warn Food Banks

75% of independent food banks warn welfare cuts will lead to an increase in demand.

Benefit Sanctions Push Vulnerable People To Food Banks, Says TORY MP – Huffington Post

A TORY MP has defied government ministers by admitting that benefit sanctions push vulnerable people into the arms of food banks.

100,000 Urge David Cameron To Force Supermarkets To Give Waste Food To Charity – Mirror

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on David Cameron to introduce a new law to force supermarkets to donate waste food to charity.

David Cameron Urged To Meet With Victims Of Tory Austerity

David Cameron doesn't understand that people are 'scared' about Tory austerity, says Reverend Walsh.

Plaid Would Vote Against Labour Cuts

Party leader Leanne Wood has said Plaid Cymru would vote against a Labour budget if it included cuts that would affect the poor.

Food Bank Users Could Top Two Million If Tories Win Election

Tory plans for a further £12bn in welfare cuts could lead to a doubling in food banks users by 2017.

Labour Acccused Of ‘Bogus’ £1 Million Food Bank Pledge

The SNP has accused former PM Gordon Brown of misleading vulnerable Scots over a 'bogus' pledge for extra food bank funding.

Fuel Banks Pilot Scheme Aims To Address Austerity-Era Dilemma Of ‘Heat Or Eat’

Fuel voucher for families who use prepayment meters will be available to those in crisis referred to food banks by welfare advice agencies, GPs and social workers.

Soaring Food Bank Use ‘Evidence Of An Inadequate Welfare System’

The number of people turning to food banks has risen to more than one million for the first time.

Food Bank Use Soars To More Than ONE MILLION, Says Trussell Trust

Record numbers of starving people are turning to food banks to help feed themselves and their families, shocking new figures reveal.

Energy Giant Plans ‘Fuel Banks’ For Britain’s Poorest – Daily Mail

Energy giant NPower is to launch 'fuel banks' offering money off vouchers for gas and electricity to Britain's poorest households, according to the Daily Mail.

Food Banks Concentrated In Areas Hit Hardest By Benefit Sanctions, Study Finds

High unemployment, poverty and government cuts significantly associated with increased need for food aid, Oxford University research shows.

Food Banks: No, They’re Not A ‘Popular Welfare Solution’

David Cameron’s discomfort over food banks typifies the right’s panic, confusion and denial over the causes of food insecurity.

Food Banks: Scottish Labour Call For A ‘Halt On Food Poverty’

Jim Murphy said his party would end the need for food banks with the introduction of a £175 million anti-poverty fund.

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