Sunday, December 6, 2020

Food banks

Citizens Advice demands ‘fundamental overhaul’ of Universal Credit system

"We need to see significant changes to the way the Universal Credit is designed and delivered to ensure it supports the people who need it."

Food bank use in Scotland up 80% in five years

"Brutal" impact of austerity and welfare cuts laid bare.

Universal Credit architect Iain Duncan Smith knighted in New Years Honours List

Opposition parties said it "beggars belief" that the former DWP boss is being rewarded for causing "untold stress" to millions.

Universal Credit slammed as food bank use soars by 23%

Trussell Trust warns that more people than ever are being driven to food banks.

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end in-work poverty and food bank use within five years

Labour leader pledged to deliver "real change" that will improve the "lives of millions".

Food bank users forced to survive on just £50 a week after rent, research reveals

Trussell Trust calls on the UK Government to increase the value of social security payments.

Young Man Has Benefits Sanctioned ‘For Being Unshaven’ – Twitter Responds

A young man had his benefits sanctioned 'for being unshaven', according to a Glasgow foodbank.

Benefit Delays Leave Tens Of Thousands Dependent On Food Banks

Delays in processing benefit payments are leaving tens of thousands of vulnerable people in hardship and dependent on the generosity of food banks.

Trussell Trust Warns Of Record Levels Of Food Bank Demand This Christmas

The charity says struggling families are facing stark choices between eating and heating over the festive period.

Half Of Low-Income Families Forced To Choose Between Heating And Eating

Half of low-income families are still struggling with the cost of keeping their homes warm, according to new research.

Tax Credit Cuts: Trussell Trust Warns Of ‘Substantial Rise In Food Bank Use’

Tax credit cuts could result in a 'substantial rise in foodbank use', warns Trussell Trust, as figures show the poorest regions will be hit the hardest.

Job Advice To Be Offered At Food Banks, Iain Duncan Smith Tells MPs

Work and pensions secretary says advisers will be posted in food banks in trial to be rolled out across the UK if successful.

Food Bank Britain: Tories Lacking A Strategy To Combat Food Poverty

Fabian Society accused the Government of lacking a strategy to combat food poverty and said proposed tax-credit cuts could become an even bigger driver of poverty.

Welfare System Failing Thousands Of Its Most Vulnerable Claimants, MPs Told

Long waits for payments biggest cause of food bank use, and are forcing people including terminally ill into debt and ‘survival crime’, inquiry evidence says.

I Had To Rely On Food Banks To Get Me Through Medical School

My underprivileged background made applying for and surviving medical school financially tough.

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