Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Food banks

Foodbank use in Scotland triples in seven years

The number of food parcels handed out by Trussell Trust has tripled in just seven years.

Our social security system is broken and foodbanks are increasingly expected to pick up the pieces

"A charitable food aid system is being further embedded with every week that passes", says charity.

Nearly half of foodbank users have money deducted from their benefits

Struggling families hit by benefit deductions to repay Government loans.

Call to end Universal Credit wait after huge surge in household debt and foodbank use

Tories urged to scrap the five week wait for Universal Credit and strengthen welfare protections.

Food banks report huge surge in demand for food parcels amid Covid pandemic

Trussell Trust reports that it has already helped more than a million people affected by the Covid pandemic.

Anger after Tory MP claims ‘food parcels are sold or traded for drugs’

Another Tory MP claimed school meal vouchers were "effectively" a cash payment to brothels and drug dealers.

PM rejects Marcus Rashford’s petition to extend free school meals – but England star vows to fight on

A defiant Rashford has refused to back down, saying no child should be going hungry.

Calls for stronger welfare support as food banks warn of surge in demand

Food bank use expected to rise by 61% due to the impact of coronavirus.

Unpaid carers twice as likely to have used a food bank during lockdown

"The Government must acknowledge the impact the pandemic is having on carers’ finances."

Coronavirus: Food banks swamped with requests for emergency food aid

Demand for emergency food parcels has reached unprecented levels as COVID-19 ravages already struggling communities.

One in five UK households with children go hungry during Covid-19 lockdown

UK Government facing mounting pressure to strengthen the social security safety net.

81% surge in foodbank use sparks calls for a stronger welfare safety net

Coalition of charities call for a 'Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme' to help protect low-income households.

Food banks forced to close their doors over Coronavirus fears

Campaigners fear that low-income households will be left without food and put at greater risk of becoming a victim of Coronavirus.

Public generosity to food banks must be met with changes to Universal Credit, says Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust has called on the UK government to end the minumum five-week wait for Universal Credit.

Universal Credit could ‘steamroll’ two million vulnerable people into poverty

Complicated application process means that many people simply give up before their claim is completed.

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