Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Parkinson’s UK Criticise Government Over ‘Absurd’ Disability Benefit Statistics

The DWP claimed that “more than 50% of decisions for Disability Living Allowance were made simply on the basis of a claim form alone without any medical evidence”.

Number of JSA claimants subject to sanction reached 227,629 in last three months of 2013

Labour claims £100m cost of pledge can be met by cutting cost of imposing competition and by keeping patients out of A&E

‘Major Own Goal’ As Labour Refuses To Write Off ‘Bedroom Tax’ Arrears, Say SNP

Scottish Labour has scored a 'major own goal' after refusing to commit to writing off 'bedroom tax' arrears and refunding Scottish households affected by the hated housing policy, say SNP.

Number Of In-Work Housing Benefit Claimants Rockets 60% Under The Coalition

The number of in-work Housing Benefit claimants increased from 650,561 in May 2010 to 1.03 million by the end of 2013.

'By changing the benefits system, it's no longer zero, it's enabling hours,' says Tory employment minister.

Welsh Government Calls For Abolition Of ‘Cruel’ And ‘Perverse’ Bedroom Tax

Welsh Assembly members voted 32-16 in favour of a Plaid Cymru motion, backed by Labour, calling on the UK government to scrap the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

Letter from Conservative minister reveals plans to sanction unemployed people if they fail to agree to controversial contracts

Benefit Sanctions ‘Damaging’ Waste Of Time, Say Jobcentre Staff

According to a PCS survey, 23% of respondents said they had been given 'explicit targets' for making benefit sanctions referrals.

No Relationship Between Benefit Sanctions And Food Banks, Say DWP

According to the Scottish National Party (SNP), the claim was made during a Scottish Welfare Reform Committee session, where Mr Couling was standing in for the conservative Employment Minister, Esther McVey MP.

Judge Refuses DWP Leave To Appeal Ruling On Universal Credit Reports

An information tribunal judge has unexpectedly refused consent for the Department of Work and Pensions to appeal his ruling that four reports on the Universal Credit programme be published.

423,000 Single Parents Face New Benefit Sanctions Threat

Gingerbread say the new rules 'focus too heavily on sanctions' in what the charity has described as a 'tick box exercise', rather than providing single parents with tailored support which would enable them 'to get work ready'.

Long-Term Unemployed Told To Work For Their Benefits In Launch Of New Government Scheme

The coalition governments 'Help To Work' scheme comes into effect from Monday 28 April 2014.

635,000 Sign New ‘JSA Claimant Commitment’ As Arbitrary Sanctions Continue To Hit Jobless

The new JSA Claimant Commitment has been partly blamed for a shocking rise in the number of jobseeker's having their benefits sanctions.

Benefit Sanctions Pushing Unemployed Further Away From The World Of Work

Minimum length benefit sanctions are 'setting people up to fail' and pushes unemployed people further away from the world of work, figures released by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) suggest.

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