The Burns family with their new drive.

The Burns family in Golcar near Huddersfield got an unexpected helping hand as exterior surface specialist Resin Drives were moved to undertake the re-surfacing of their drive and pathway free of charge, to help make life just a little easier for them.

Father of three, Paul Burns, had contacted the Brighouse firm for a speculative quote for the work and was amazed when Managing Director, Carwyn Richards, made the generous offer on learning about the family’s difficulties.

Mr Burns has two disabled children with the youngest child, Harrison, suffering from a very rare condition called Smiths Magenis Syndrome (SMS).

The developmental disorder has many challenging symptoms and in Harrison’s case means he has a curvature of the spine and a hole in his heart.

Getting out and about is difficult for the family and his father has become a full-time carer.

photo credit: lonely radio via photopin cc

Made of natural stone with 100% organic resin, the new drive and pathway makes the exterior of the Burns’ home much safer and easier underfoot than the original cracked concrete.

It provides better traction making it better for walking or driving on and significantly better for handling Harrison’s special buggy.

The resin bound surface has a porous, natural friction which means it is anti-slip in even the poorest weather conditions as well as being longer lasting and more eco-friendly than concrete or tarmac.

Worth £6500 in financial terms, the kindness of Resin Drives gesture meant much more to the Burns family, who were thrilled with their smart new drive and path, saying:

“We were absolutely blown away that there are such amazing people out there who are willing to help people with disabilities.”