Photo credit: Plashing Vole via photopin cc

Photo credit: Plashing Vole via photopin cc

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  1. Ed Miliband has still not publicly expressed support for the strikers.
    The photograph of him with strikers was taken outside his doncaster surgery after 3 strikers had spoken to him at length at a booked appointment. He did not commit to express public support for the strike saying he wanted “a solution” and encouraged arbitration. Leaving his surgery, strikers were still present outside and one asked if he’d have his photo taken with them, he didn’t really have any option, thats the photo you see. Not a single Doncaster Labour MP or councillor has visited the picket line in 90 days of strike action.

    • My wife is one of the strikers in doncaster, and the picture is the one I and other people who were tthere put on various social networking sites to try to get miliband to publicly support them.I figured if people saw this he would have to come out and publicly support them. But The truth is after the meeting he came downstairs for reasons unknown and stopped for a photo where his advisors would not allow any banners. the placards in the background were held up as the picture was being taken. So i can categorically tell you miliband has not nor has he ever publicly supported these people in their struggle against the privatisation of the nhs and the lessening of their t’s & c’s.

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