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  1. “…it was written into the terms that charities and businesses could not use people out of work to replace their paid workforce.”

    Yeah, well, pity that isn’t working out! I recently heard of a self-employed designer, who went to an interview with a client for what they were assured would be a freelance contract with about six months’ work. The interviewee was asked if they’d mind signing on to JSA so that the firm could employ them via the Work Programme, because that way they’d be paid by the government to take them on instead of having to pay the bill themselves. (

    • Thanks for the link, Nic. Very interesting & often hilarious (n.b. not the post in question, I add: that was an attempt at blatant free-loading on the part of the company in question).

  2. I think that they should at least work 2 days a week for the benefits they receive. This will show that they are wiling to put back in to the community of people that there taking from.
    I do believe though that this should only be done through charity’s and non for profit business, any other company’s is forced labor as they will keep on taking on free labor and than just getting rid of people at the end of it and taking on more free people. The scheme can work and rather than getting them jobs it should be building up there experience to find work them selves.
    No one can argue with the facet that if you get 145 pounds a week in benefits than you owe 3 days work at least !!, if you have medical issues or kids than this should be taken into consideration but the same considerations that working parents have to think of.

    • “..willing to put back in to the community that there taking from.”

      Would this “community” refer to National Insurance, by any chance, Antony?
      The very same 1 that the vast majority of claimants (myself included) have paid into (whether they want to or not) over the years for EXACTLY this kind of event befalling them?

      And may I remind you that the State Pension is also funded by the same process?
      The recent changes to the pension ages mean that I recently met a 61yo lady whilst waiting to sign on who was a little unhappy at having to justify her continued existence by having to claim JSA – the 1st time she`d had to claim ANY unemployment benefit in her entire life due to said changes…akin to having paid Home Insurance for decades then being told after a (100% legit.) major house fire that she would have to wait 3 years for her insurance company to cough up.
      Not a nice feeling, IMO.

      • There is 2 different types on JSA benefit one is your own money but that doesn’t last that long the rest after a very small time line is from the community your in.
        None of its nice but in the case of the story above i believe that any money you receive you should have to do somthing for it nothing in life should be free. In that womans case its unfortunate but not anything to do with the government. I know someone that has been on benefits for 12 years the lazy git and the rules need to change to chuck his dependent ass to the curb if he is not going to bother working. 12 years is more than enough time to work, study or do anything that could help you and alot of lazy bums claim benefits because they can and will do for most of there life’s, i for one as a voter will not let happen any longer as it means my taxes rises years in and year out.

        • You really are a complete cretin. There is only JSA at £72 a week. You do not get any more than that and actually, you are not allowed to have any more money that that either. If you do, they take it off your JSA. It is not free money, get that into your thick bleeding skull. The unemployed have already paid for their JSA or ESA!!!! Someone really ought to sue you for these comments. Just wait you arrogant prick, until you are unemployed, sick, become disabled in an accident, lose your home, (God willing), then you will not be such an arrogant prick. I really detest this, ‘I am alright jack,’ attitude, or those on benefits are ‘lazy, scroungers,’ rhetoric from the government and from scumbags like you. Remember the well-known saying, ‘There by the grace of God, go I.’

          • I really detest scumbags like the one above who do not think for themselves and let the government do it for them, and so come up with crap like that. They fail to realise that if they do become unemployed, sick or disabled, they will receive the same treatment from the government and DWP, atos, now maximus. Thick as two planks.

        • So somebody who`s been unemployed/benefit claimant for years but has done free work (workfare/100% voluntary) is ok, then? That`s a relief as I was a single parent with 4 children for several years & no employer would touch me with a barge pole during this time (2-3 applications/wk on average), & during the subsequent years this gap has discouraged employers even more. I`ve been on a number of workfare schemes in the last 5 years & have done voluntary work – I`ve been unemployed for 15 yrs, BTW. Your viewpoint is your own, but I think I`m more qualified to venture an opinion on workfare or the welfare system…
          FYI, before you start in with the Workshy Scrounger Narrative or the ‘2nd/3rd Gen Of Claimants’ myth: my children are all in their 20s & in f/t employment (1 of them`s a PCSO) as they learned that if you want to be a good consumer & have all the latest gadgets you need to have a job (no flatscreens/recent game consoles/smartphones in my house), so ask Camoron (not a typo) to stop giving tax-cuts to his pals/cronies & bailing-out financial institutions (who, you may recall, got the economy into a mess in the FIRST PLACE) & who knows? the UK might have a chance of economic recovery. Taking your head out of the Daily Mail or Sun might be helpful re: stopping you talking out of your a*se in future.
          P.S.: re: the 61yo lady who has to wait longer to retire = this governments policy decision, you foolish man.

    • What a load of rubbish. They do not have to work two days a week for their benefits. They have already paid for their benefits from their taxes and National insurance contribution. Therefore, their benefits are not free. It is not £145 a week moron. £72 for JSA and the same for ESA in the assessment phase. They do not owe any days at all. They have already done the work and paid in for their benefits. NO one should be forced to work again for their benefits.

      • So if you have never worked a day in your life where does it come from dum dum.
        You have no clue at all.
        Any person that can not work due to ill health or a divisibility should get help and benefits but should also try to play a role in society as well as any one who says they can not work.
        The vast majority of people claiming Job seekers are good people looking for work and are entitled to what they get but as i said there are also a lot of people thht milk the system which you and i pay into.
        Society on the whole needs to change from a society which thinks it is entitled to everything to a society which is wiling to help one another. All i’m saying is for your very simple mind to understand is that any one who claims job seekers (only if you can work and are looking for work) should do something for the community that there in to help and i dont mean working for some stupid big company’s who will just use them i mean for charity’s only that actually need our help. So go back to that little box you silly child.

        • Woa there dickless, quite a big assumption there about my never working. It is YOU who has no idea. Talking through your dick, which makes a change from your arse. You might want to learn how to spell too. Your English is atrocious. Look the word up if you do not understand what it means.

          • emma – he`d need to know how to spell it in the 1st place, & I suspect his ego would simply dismiss this as being unnecessary. Sad but true

  3. I Dont trust the job center any time they say come on down to a jobs club or they try to set you up with a job its a trick?Whistle blowers are saying that they are setting up people by giving them jobs or interviews that you cant meet get to or other dirty tricks so that they have a excuse to sanction you?Happened to me i went out of my way to get a application form for a pub chain opening up a new pub in Weston super mare called the Super Mare you will see it on your way out of Weston,The applications were dealt with by the job center when i went to sign on at the beginning of march i was asked why i failed to attend a interview for the job.WHAT INTERVIEW ?allegedly they sent me a email they did-not i checked even my spam folder they were set to sanction me when i got my last job working for Pontins at Brean as a Kitchen Porter loved it had a great summer now have permanent job hopefully but still worried as the business is in difficulties,But i am just gonna keep working and looking for my next job you cannot trust them they are bent.Cant prove it but its better than starting a war thats what i feel like when i see whats happening in the uk.

  4. So… you can now be made redundant &, if unemployed, can be made to work cost-free for your former employers.
    I always thought redundant in the context of employment meant unnecessary or surplus to requirement…which is clearly not the case here.

  5. wish there was a way to send him a few pounds! How can they say there is work here for you but you dont get paid to do it!

  6. Good on him,protesting “say no to slave labour “. everybody should do it,trouble is they are all to frightened to dare protest.

  7. It’s an obscene system that is so close to slave labour that soon a court has to agree with the logical majority.

    • In the Caitlin Reilly et al. VS DWP case in 2013 the judge decided AGAINST the DWP & described workfare as “being incompatible with EU Constitution Of Human Rights Articles” i.e. akin to indentured servitude/slavery, yet our lovely Coalition government described it as a ‘legal victory’ for their policies.
      This blatantly-misleading statement went unchallenged in all but social media

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