DWP HQ, Caxton House, London. Photo: Paul Billanie for Welfare Weekly.

Twitter users have responded angrily to a crude PR stunt by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), who tweeted a message warning couples not to “ruin Valentine’s Day by failing to declare your true circumstances”.

“Claiming to be living alone is one of the most common types of benefit fraud – don’t ruin Valentine’s Day by failing to declare your true circumstances”, the tweet read.

The Government department added: “Declaring your true love tomorrow? Don’t forget to declare your true living arrangements too.

“Don’t get separated from your Valentine. Tell us of a change now.”

SNP MP Alison Thewliss was quick to jump on the insensitivity of the tweet, tweeting: “Apparently there is no celebration that @DWP won’t try to ruin…”

She added: “Taking this opportunity also to point out that families with children from previous relationships will lose their child tax credits/UC entitlement by coming together in a new r’ship.

“Or if there are 2 children from a previous r’ship and want to have a 3rd in new r’ship.”

Others also rounded on the DWP, with one twitter user reminding the department about the benefits that remain unclaimed every year.


  1. Esther McVey is in charge, why is anyone surprised at this despicable stunt?

    Another bright idea from the ‘Nudge Unit’?

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