Disabled woman’s desperate plea for help from MP will have you in tears

Mandy's life is about to be turned upside down when her mobility car is taken away because of callous Tory cuts.

photo credit: lonely radio via photopin cc

I don’t know if you can help me as I’m just a disabled mum who after 11 years of receiving full mobility component and middle care component [of DLA] I’m apparently healed.

My disability though invisible is very painful and I don’t walk far.I can’t. I use my mobility car when I can to take my kids to school. Day trips. Doing things with them when I’m able to. I have osteoarthritis in my hands now so my 8 yr old daughter helps me with my pills as I can’t open the bottles, packets, blister packs or childproof lids. She can.

My 8 yr old daughter is my biggest worry as she is autistic and has mobility safety issues herself. She has no sense of danger on roads and I certainly cannot run after her. My car is my lifeline to give me and mine a semblance of a normal life. I missed out by 2 points. 2!

This car is the difference between me having a life and me not having one. I have a carer yes and he can do stuff for me. However just for sanity’s sake a person needs to feel useful. To contribute. To bring something to the table.

Having spoken to motability today I feel how truly sad the people there are. Trying to do a job that they’ve lived for so long that now means they are hurting and punishing people on a daily basis. Motability are stars to help people like they do. Never had a bad word to say about them in 7 yrs I’ve had a car with them.

On the 9th August my car is being taken from me. My last act of defiance is to tell them it’s here.. come get it. I refuse to take it to them – it will break me. I won’t.

I can’t use public transport they won’t take my mobility scooter on buses and taxis. The train isn’t an option really. I have high anxieties and when I need to leave a place because I can’t cope any longer I need to leave then and there.

I feel I’m being punished for something I’ve not done. Today I sat looking at my tablets and thought how easily I could just take the lot. Disappear. Become a statistic soon forgotten by the Tory party.

If you can help me at all I need you to stand up and give all of us disabled a voice we don’t have now. This isn’t just about me. I do know that I’m lucky I have my kids and a lovely man to back me. Some have no one but you.

Mandy Smith

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