Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Tories accused of covering up dozens of benefit-related suicides after destroying ‘secret reviews’

DWP has admitted to destroying "secret reviews" into suicides and other benefit-related deaths.

Family of man who starved to death after benefits stopped launch legal action against DWP

Errol died weighing just four and a half stone after the DWP stopped his benefits.

Disabled gran ‘virtually housebound’ after DWP slashed her vital benefits lifeline

She says the cruel decision has left her feeling "anxious" and "isolated" after she was also forced to return her mobility car.

DWP urged to concede third legal challenge to Universal Credit migration arrangements

The government lost two previous legal challenges and are now being urged to concede a third.

DWP slammed for abandoning commitment to review 1.6 million PIP claims

“This is retrograde step in ensuring disabled people receive their correct disability benefit entitlement."

Universal Credit could ‘steamroll’ two million vulnerable people into poverty

Complicated application process means that many people simply give up before their claim is completed.

Tories face legal action over ‘failing’ patients with learning disabilities and autism

Health Secretary given just 14 days to respond to a threat of legal action by the equalities watchdog.

Care providers forced to cut support for vulnerable adults due to spiralling wage costs

One in five organisations are offering care to fewer individuals as a means of balancing the books.

DWP officials accused of ‘tampering’ with thousands of benefit assessments

"For the whole process to be a sham and for the assessment to be undermined by auditors is infuriating.”

DWP loses Universal Credit appeals against claimants with severe disabilities

DWP unlawfully discriminated against thousands of severely disabled people.

Campaigners deliver open letter to Downing Street calling on Boris Johnson to fix failing PIP benefit

21,000 call on Boris Johnson to fix failing Personal Independence Payments for disabled people.

Charity issues call for disabled citizen reporters

Leonard Cheshire calls on disabled people to tell their story in 2020.

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1.6 million households hit by £60 cut to benefits in just one month

DWP urged to scrap universal credit advance "loans" before thousands more are pushed into debt.

Tories warned of ‘mass unemployment’ as number of people out of work hits two-year high

UK government urged to extend the furlough scheme to protect workers.

Whingeing Lords demand hardship fund despite £162 daily allowance

Documents "expose the total privilege and sheer arrogance of unelected Lords at Westminster".

DWP to hire thousands of new work coaches amid Covid-19 job losses

"Getting Britain back to work as quickly as possible is vital", says DWP minister.

Universal Credit increase must be made permanent and extended to legacy benefits

Reversing the increase risks plunging 700,000 more people into poverty, report says.

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