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  1. In the newspapers a couple of days ago, it said that low levels of vitamin d make it likely to get diabetes, not been overweight.

  2. So unless obese people are going to submit to the treatments of the medical industry, the very industry responsible for causing obesity, they will be punished financially. Blame and punish the victims of the medical profession. Enrich the medical profession with taxpayers money. Welfare for the rich, deprivation for the poor. Standard Tory fare.

  3. so I assume to loose their benefits they will have to have been offered treatment in the first place and I suppose now the pressure will be on GP’s and the NHS to make these appointments available ??
    People can wait about 18mths+ before any treatment is offered – will that be seen as refusing treatment … just as you are found fit for work even with all the medical evidence saying you are NOT fit for work from GP’s, Specialist, Therapists etc

  4. If a Tory speaks, you know they are lying. Nobody is refusing treatment for obesity because the DWP do not offer any and never have. Pure deflection away from dodgy Tories dodging taxes, Plus cuts, cuts and more cuts.

  5. oh and the fat bums in Parliament they are should be barred from eating and drinking whilst are in parliament buildings and have their pay docked for taking up more that an average bum space

  6. Many obese people have medical conditions physical medical conditions which cause them to be obese How is sanctioning them going to help

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