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Disability benefits ‘could be taxed’ in order to fund higher payments for the poorest claimants, it has been reported today.

Under proposals being considered by the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith MP, higher-income disabled people in receipt of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) would subsidise increased payments for the poorest claimants, through the introduction of a new tax on their benefit.

PIP, like its predecessor, can be claimed regardless of a person’s employment status or income. PIP claimants can currently receive anything between £21.55 and £138.05 each week, dependent upon a claimant’s disability and care needs.

PIP was rolled out in April 2013 and is replacing Disability Living Allowance (PIP) for all disabled people.

A senior government source told the Times on Sunday: “It cannot be right that those on the lowest incomes get the same disability benefits as those who are millionaires.

“It would be fair to tax the benefits so those on higher incomes, many of whom don’t need the money nearly as much, would pay at the same rate as income tax.”

Iain Duncan Smith is said to be interested in the proposal but no formal announcement has yet been made.


Find out more: The Independent.


Photo credit: Regional Cabinet via photopin cc


  1. IDS you are a discriminative, bias, toffee nosed eejit. If I were you I’d watch myself coz if you keep up the cuts you’ll be the blame for lots of boycott marches up and down the kingdom.

  2. I cannot believe a word this RTU (Returned to Unit) creature says. He is just as likley to give it the Cameron to pay for his rash promises regarding tax cuts.

  3. This is not about saving money – disabled millionaires are thin on the ground. Nor is it about helping the poorest disabled people, who will get little from it. It is just another attempt to snuff out an important founding principle of the welfare state: – that it is Universal and benefits everyone, rich or poor, alike.

  4. Why would a millionaire actually claim DLA in the first place? Yet another way to persecute genuinely disabled people and I for one will be glad to see the back of IDS and his benefit changes!

  5. while I agree with Bob in principal . Does Stephen Duckworth really need extra money to cover his extra costs incured by his paralysis? Or does being sociopathic carry even more outlay?

  6. Disability Living Allowance was introduced in recognition of the extra cost of living with a significant impairment. It took into account the social aspects of having to address disabling barriers. PIP, on the other hand, was introduced for ideological and political reasons and focuses on measuring dysfunction of the body as a means of determining ‘need. PIP methodology is based upon a mixture of the Unum corrupted version of the WHO’s bio-psycho-social model and crude reductionism associated with drawing contours around degrees of abnormality. Taxing PIP purely upon income without a proper assessment of an individual’s extra costs in real terms is, in my opinion, is further proof of this government’s rejection of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons no matter what they may claim publicly. I accuse Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP of the practice of institutional discrimination against disabled people.

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