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Delusional David Cameron Insists Tories ‘Protected The Poorest’

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Delusional David Cameron has insisted the Tory-led coalition government “protected the poorest” in society, in an interview with the Independent newspaper.

“I haven’t changed. I am a compassionate Conservative”, he told the journalist, whilst travelling from Belfast to Cardiff during a four-nations tour to promote his support for the union.

“We had to make difficult decisions”, he says. “I would argue that this has been done in a compassionate way. We protected the poorest, the pensioners, the NHS. We had a balanced plan.”

When pushed to explain why a “compassionate Conservative” would push for a further £12bn in welfare cuts after May’s general election, he replied: “There is nothing compassionate about leaving people to live on welfare when they could have the dignity and security of work”.

He claims that the coalitions welfare reforms have led to 900,000 fewer people claiming working-age benefits.

“That is a deeply compassionate thing. That is very much the impetus of our welfare reform”, he said.

“It is not just about saving money. It is about trying to save lives and change people’s lives. Can we save about half of what we saved in the last parliament through a process of reform? Yes, we can.”

David Cameron’s comments will undoubtedly infuriate thousands of families who have been forced to turn to food banks, in the wake of some of the most callous and vicious cuts to welfare and social security in living memory.

More than 900,000 jobseekers were subjected to benefit sanctions in one year alone (April 2013 to March 2014), often for unfair or spurious reasons. This has resulted in a call from the Work and Pensions Committee for an independent review into the punitive system.

Disabled people have been targeted with cuts to vital disability benefits and other forms of support, such as the abolition of the Independent Living Fund.

Low-income working families have seen their employment rights reduced and tax credits cut.

The hated bedroom tax has pushed some of the poorest and most vulnerable people into poverty and others out of their family home.

Abolition of Council Tax Benefit has resulted in a more than *25% increase in the number of households summoned to court over unpaid Council Tax bills.

*Read more: Half a million more people summoned to court over unpaid council tax, after benefits scrapped.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how David Cameron’s government inflicted pain and misery on Britain’s poorest.

If this is what David Cameron calls being a “compassionate Conservative”, I hope we never get to see the real Tories. Some may argue we already have.

You can read David Cameron’s interview with the Independent here.


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  1. well i’m one a small group that keeps all of the deaths of the sick and disabled up to date for the UN. CAMERONS NEVER GOT IN CONTACT WITH ME TO SAY SORRY ?
    and i’m doing a great job in difficult circumstances. he hasn’t a clue on the terrible amount of misery he has caused certain sick and disabled and their families that have led to their death

  2. Cameron says “the coalitions welfare reforms have led to 900,000 fewer people claiming working-age benefits” but we know this isn’t true. There’s a lot that are no longer counted as ‘claiming working age benefits’ (which doesn’t include Working Tax Credit)
    There’s half a million new self employed – getting an allowance that’s
    not much less than the dole, not now having to risk sanctions and
    jobseeker conditionality
    There’s the 900,000 that have been sanctioned
    There’s all those insecure, zero hours contracts – a million of those
    There’s tens of thousands on work placement – they don’t count either

  3. “There is nothing compassionate about leaving people to live on welfare when they could have the dignity and security of work”.

    Oops! He seems to have forgotten he is targetting those who cannot work the most severely. The pattern of the proposed cuts is to target those with the smallest welfare footprint, those not on means tested welfare. Carers allowance, contributory ESA and Child Tax credit to name but three. Imagine the furoure if pensioners were to have their state pensions abolished! He would not do that of course. But contributory ESA, an NI based benefit? Well that is OK. They paid the premiums but there is to be no payout. The idea of course is to force the most seriously sick and disabled people out of their homes and onto the streets after first asset stripping them by means of the Universal Credit capital rules.

    The money saved is to go to the criminal bankers so they in turn can asset strip the people further before the inevitable collapse of the financial system. He is already relieving pension companies and annuity providers of their responsibilities to provide people with pensions. They can’t make any money with interest rates and bond yields so low, dividend earnings are low so…. “let the serfs have their cash back instead! You can keep the assets and the serfs can stick their post tax fiat currency in the bank ready to be bailed in when the financial system goes under”. You are no longer a depositor of Barclays (say, rated by S&P as one notch above junk). You are an investor in the bank, and when it crashes you get a big fat zilch. They decided that at the Brisbane G20. Did the press tell you that? Or are they encouraging you to put your life savings in a zombie bank?

    Pure unremitting evil.

    • When you consider that Cameron wants all the expensive London council homes sold off to pay for the proposed new housing boom, you have to consider that the majority of these expensive homes are in the hands of state pensioners. which is why he has not tripled locked housing benefit in regards to Pensioners housing benefit.
      Many a pensioner on housing benefit has one or two spare rooms and even three spare rooms. still think the pensioners have had a pension lock, think again as its there turn for the Bedroom Tax.
      How else is he going to get these homes emptied and sold off in the next five years.

  4. Surely a spelling mistake what he referred too in referring ‘Protecting the Poep-est’ of societies inebriates as seen in House of Commoners lunchtime jamborees. When they work 2 Days per Week.

  5. “It is about trying to save lives and change people’s lives.”

    He should rot in hell for that statement alone.

  6. Cameron hasn’t a clue, he wants to try living on what “Joe Public” has to live on each week, he needs a damn great reality check, because at the moment, he’s talking like a moron..

    • Cameron has already admitted he could not live on a zero hour contract. which means he cannot live off welfare. but claims many a person avoids doing work by choosing to live on welfare.
      Cameron just doesn’t know if he is coming or going in an interview . He reckons he help people get off benefits for a better life. He seems to have forgotten 41 People have committed suicide since the Bedroom tax and welfare sanctions have came in.he also forgets the fact many people have a criminal conviction for stealing food after their welfare payments were sanctioned.
      Cameron is in total denial as to the pain and suffering he and his government has caused.
      A Benefit sanction on a family with children is stealing what little food the children get in their mouths or the parents going with no food so the little ones get something and he finds this acceptable behaviour by a Government.department. any one with a correct moral compass knows it is far from acceptable to steal the food from a child’s mouth.
      If there is a God i hope when Cameron meets him he sends him straight to live with the devil as that is where he deserves to end up when he is dead.

  7. Being highly delusional, this man is clearly suffering from a range of mental health issues, it seems to me and perhaps many others that he needs removing from office, and handed over to mental health professionals, while they are at it, they might consider removing IDS from office too, for the same reasons.

    • I hate him too but please don’t associate his disgusting behaviour with those of us who suffer from mental illness. We are at the frontline in the attacks on welfare and need all the help we can get to combat disability hate crime and prejudice from the public. His actions and policies are not delusional, they are deliberate and calculated and the product of a sane but evil mind.

    • Does psychopathy count as a mental health issue?

      All these crony capitalists are doing is asset stripping the most disadvantaged to enrich their cronies, and thereby themselves. It is pathological crime not illness.

  8. The problem will continue until people stop listening to what politicians SAY and start evaluating them on what they DO

  9. Nasty piece of work. His wife’s recent article in the Daily Wail served notice that she is just as bad. Their disgusting trading on their deceased son is utterly vile, in particular as they use it as an excuse to batter people with disabilities or their carers. The recent announcement that they are going after people in work but who still have some benefits next, and those who care for the disabled, finally nails the ‘only going after the work shy’ myth. He’s a truly evil individual in a party that breeds them.

    • Wish more people would remove their politically-tinted spectacles. If Labour did what the Tories have done I’d berate them too. Current policies betray no ounce of humanity


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