Former PM, David Cameron.

Delusional David Cameron has insisted the Tory-led coalition government “protected the poorest” in society, in an interview with the Independent newspaper.

“I haven’t changed. I am a compassionate Conservative”, he told the journalist, whilst travelling from Belfast to Cardiff during a four-nations tour to promote his support for the union.

“We had to make difficult decisions”, he says. “I would argue that this has been done in a compassionate way. We protected the poorest, the pensioners, the NHS. We had a balanced plan.”

When pushed to explain why a “compassionate Conservative” would push for a further £12bn in welfare cuts after May’s general election, he replied: “There is nothing compassionate about leaving people to live on welfare when they could have the dignity and security of work”.

He claims that the coalitions welfare reforms have led to 900,000 fewer people claiming working-age benefits.

“That is a deeply compassionate thing. That is very much the impetus of our welfare reform”, he said.

“It is not just about saving money. It is about trying to save lives and change people’s lives. Can we save about half of what we saved in the last parliament through a process of reform? Yes, we can.”

David Cameron’s comments will undoubtedly infuriate thousands of families who have been forced to turn to food banks, in the wake of some of the most callous and vicious cuts to welfare and social security in living memory.

More than 900,000 jobseekers were subjected to benefit sanctions in one year alone (April 2013 to March 2014), often for unfair or spurious reasons. This has resulted in a call from the Work and Pensions Committee for an independent review into the punitive system.

Disabled people have been targeted with cuts to vital disability benefits and other forms of support, such as the abolition of the Independent Living Fund.

Low-income working families have seen their employment rights reduced and tax credits cut.

The hated bedroom tax has pushed some of the poorest and most vulnerable people into poverty and others out of their family home.

Abolition of Council Tax Benefit has resulted in a more than *25% increase in the number of households summoned to court over unpaid Council Tax bills.

*Read more: Half a million more people summoned to court over unpaid council tax, after benefits scrapped.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how David Cameron’s government inflicted pain and misery on Britain’s poorest.

If this is what David Cameron calls being a “compassionate Conservative”, I hope we never get to see the real Tories. Some may argue we already have.

You can read David Cameron’s interview with the Independent here.


  1. I am voting for the first time ever in my life and it’s all because of David Cameron / Tories. It costs me money to be able to stay in work due to having Discal degenerative disease and now more recently confirmed multiple spondylosis in the lumbar spine / vertebrae. I work full time in a job where I am I CAN MANAGE my condition and have an understanding boss too.

    However, my wages do not last a Month as it is and obviously it costs me money for prescriptions, heat pads and massages I can’t afford to maintain one a week to be honest, but this would make a huge difference and I was DECLINED PIP – I am genuinely wishing to stay working for as long as I possibly can but I live with chronic pain, low level aching, muscle spasms, stiffness and discomfort every single day, yet I am not eligible. Just like all the other taxpayers out there, I’ve been paying into the system since leaving school and now that I am asking for some help, I am refused.


  2. I think its time Cameron and his party took a step into the real world. we dont have to do what he says, and live how he tells us to, we have the power to get him out of office. I dont know who i am going to voit for, i only know who im not going to voit for.

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