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  1. Sickening. Its the Good old Tory “blame the victims” strategy. Obesity in the main is due to reduced metabolism. This is caused by the trans-fats the government refuse to ban. Metabolisms can be reduced by over 90% in extreme cases. The obese in general are victims of the corporate state and they do not even know it.

  2. The depression tablets I am on have a side effect of weight gain,could this be the Tory way of attacking people with mental health issues again?

  3. Sounds like Pharaoh, in the Bible, told Moses that not only would the Hebrews be made to make double their brick quota and provide their own straw. All we need now is some burly Egyptians with whips to beat them Or should that be Hitler. The Condems are so full of themselves they might spontaneously com bust.

  4. What about being over weight from an underlying problem such as a Thyroid problem or side effects from prescription drugs such as Gabapentine for Fibromygelia, the average weight gain is three stone!

    What a stupid half baked idea.

  5. So sick of this government picking on people for one reason or another, now it seems they are going to take money off people who have weight problems, wtf? I myself have a weight problem due to my thyroid and I have fibromyalgia which makes it hard for me to exercise, so are they going to stop my money, honestly these fing tories don’t know what to do next, I went to the doctors the other day and I asked about my knee, it keeps locking and collapsing and this little skinny indian twat just looked me up and down and carried on typing and just handed me my prescription and said bye, I was flabbergasted, I have only just joined and now I am leaving again, I need therapy now after this trauma. FFS! I hate the government and the lackeys who work for them (doctors) doing the dirty work the government doesn’t want to.

  6. Concentration camps will be coming soon to where you live if you’re overweight, take drugs, or if you’re addicted to alcohol.

    You have been warned don’t vote Tory.

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