Cheshire East Labour Group Press Release:

At the Cheshire East Council Cabinet meeting on 1 July 2014, Labour councillors raised concerns over plans to cease in-house dementia care and the impact this will have on services and the facilities at Mountview in Congleton, Hollins View in Macclesfield and Lincoln House in Crewe.

At the Cabinet meeting Laura Jeuda, Labour Councillor for Macclesfield South, said:

“Hollins View is a Community Support Centre providing residential short-term breaks and Intermediate Care in the South of Macclesfield. It is considered by local people to be a valuable and trusted resource.

“Therefore, I was surprised to receive several telephone calls from residents of Macclesfield, about a rumour that was circulating concerning the closure of the facility.

“I understand from Cllr Clowes (Cabinet Member for Health and Care in the Community) that the future of the service, as it currently exists cannot be guaranteed.

“Ten of the forty beds are commissioned by Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group who is exploring alternative provision. However, that leaves thirty beds which are used for short-term breaks, providing a life-line both for Carers and the Cared For.

“This outsourcing of dementia care is all part of a wider move to privatise the NHS”

“Carers value the service at Hollins View and rely heavily on this facility; not least because they have confidence in the care their loved ones receive there. If this service was withdrawn, for whatever reason, it would cause severe hardship for the Carers and those they care for.

“Cllr Jones (the Conservative Leader of the Council) said at the full council meeting in May that he planned to ‘stop internal provision’ for dementia services and to allow the private sector to ‘do the keeping’. Can we be assured that he was not referring to those who may not have dementia, but still need care, and that their Carers will not be forgotten in this shake-up of the service?

“I would like to point out, however, that the private/independent sector, as many reports have shown over recent years, does not always mean ‘best or better’. Indeed the worst abuses of vulnerable people have occurred in the private sector: for example, Winterbourne View, Orchard View, the Old Deanery, Oban House, to name but a few.

“The report on Orchard View stated that private care homes do not face the same level of scrutiny as others; considering that nearly three quarters of Care Homes are now run by private providers, it is not surprising that Carers of older vulnerable people are feeling very anxious about the future of Hollins View, a service that they trust and value.”

Speaking after the meeting, Chris Thorley, Labour Councillor for Crewe East, said:

“An increasing number of people are contacting me about poor care for the elderly. This outsourcing of dementia care is all part of a wider move to privatise the NHS.”


Cllr Sam Corcoran