Wednesday, October 21, 2020


‘No excuse’ for Tories failure to provide financial support to millions while refusing to tackle tax avoidance

Tory government accused of failing to support millions of small businesses and workers hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Job Support Scheme ‘will not prevent a major rise in unemployment’

New scheme "will not live up to its promise to significantly reduce the rise in unemployment."

Tories warned of ‘mass unemployment’ as number of people out of work hits two-year high

UK government urged to extend the furlough scheme to protect workers.

DWP urged to increase ‘legacy benefits’ to avoid gap in support

Policy shift would see 1.5 million more people benefit from a £20 per week benefits boost.

Universal Credit increase must be made permanent and extended to legacy benefits

Reversing the increase risks plunging 700,000 more people into poverty, report says.

New payment for people forced to self-isolate in Covid-19 hotspots

Government told it won't be enough for some people and many more will miss out entirely.

Tories urged to strenghthen welfare protections after 6 million fall behind on bills due to Covid

Hardest hit include carers, key workers, black people, people with disabilities and those who are shielding.

Refusal to replace Universal Credit loans with non-repayable grants is a ‘political choice’, admits Iain Duncan Smith

Former Work and Pensions boss told MPs that it is "a policy decision, not a structural issue".

Government pledge additional £105 million to keep rough sleepers off the streets during Coronavirus pandemic

Charities welcome announcement but say there is still much more that needs to be done.

Government urged to change the law on ‘intimidating and threatening’ debt collection letters

People in problem debt are three times more likely to have considered taking their own life.

Boris Johnson lied about falling child poverty rates, SNP claim

PM accused of falsely claiming that child poverty rates are declining.

‘UK government must rule out a return to Tory austerity’, says SNP

Leaked Treasury document hints at tax rises and damaging cuts after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over half a million food parcels delivered to people ‘shielding’ from Covid-19

Each box contains enough food to last a single person one week and includes fresh fruit and sanitary items.

Matt Hancock refuses to commit to paying care workers the ‘Real Living Wage’

Health Secretary urged to recognise the contribution of care workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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