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People expecting benefits and tax credits over the Easter period could receive their payments up to four days early this year.

Families and individuals in receipt of Child Benefit and/or Tax Credits, including Child Tax Credit, have been advised to check with HMRC if their scheduled payment dates fall between the 30th March (Good Friday) and 2nd of April (Bank Holiday Monday).

When will my Tax Credits be paid?

If your scheduled payment date is 30th March (Good Friday), you should instead receive it a day early on 29th March (Thursday).

If you are expecting a payment on 2nd April (Bank Holiday Monday), it should arrive in your bank no later than the 29th March (Thursday).

Other payment dates should be unaffected.


When will my Child Benefit be paid?

Payments due on 2nd April (Bank Holiday Monday) should be received  on 29th March (Thursday).

Other payment dates should be unaffected.


What if my payment doesn’t arrive on these dates?

First contact your bank or building society to check if there is a problem with their systems. If they confirm that no payment has been received, you should then contact HMRC as soon as possible.

Correction: This article originally read that some payments could be received up to five days early this Easter. This is because payments typically arrive in a persons bank account before midnight, meaning a payment expected on the 29th March instead of the 2nd April would actually be received on the 28th March (anytime between 9pm and midnight).

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