Sunday, December 6, 2020


UK poverty charity launches ‘crisis appeal’ in response to coronavirus devastation

Charity sees 520% increase in number of people seeking benefits advice due to coronavirus crisis.

Urgent action still needed to support self-employed, says poverty charity

Government plans don't go far enough and Universal Credit should not be seen as a viable solution for the self-employed.

“We are facing a child poverty crisis,” charity warns

Plea to increase benefits as 100,000 more children are pushed into poverty.

Government urged not to remove Care Act rights from disabled people

Removing rights and protections from disabled people who are most at risk from Coronavirus cannot be justified, say charities.

Poverty charity responds to Coronavirus with updated Benefits Calculator

Turn2us urges anyone who may lose income as a result of coronavirus to use their Benefits Calculator and claim their entitlements.

Food banks forced to close their doors over Coronavirus fears

Campaigners fear that low-income households will be left without food and put at greater risk of becoming a victim of Coronavirus.

Poverty campaigners call for £10 boost to child benefit if schools are forced to close due to Coronavirus

Low-income families face extra financial pressure and the loss of free school meals, charity warns.

Charities demand an independent inquiry into welfare related deaths

Call comes after an NAO report argued that the DWP should be investigating more welfare related suicides.

DWP faces legal challenge over Universal Credit childcare provisions

Working mum on Universal Credit says she had to resort to using a ‘payday lender’ to pay upfront childcare costs.

Public generosity to food banks must be met with changes to Universal Credit, says Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust has called on the UK government to end the minumum five-week wait for Universal Credit.

Shrinking value of Universal Credit payments revealed

Monthly payment for a single person on Universal Credit in April 2019 was worth 88% of what it was in April 2013.

DWP slammed for abandoning commitment to review 1.6 million PIP claims

“This is retrograde step in ensuring disabled people receive their correct disability benefit entitlement."

Universal Credit could ‘steamroll’ two million vulnerable people into poverty

Complicated application process means that many people simply give up before their claim is completed.

Ending the benefits freeze is unlikely to help those forced to choose between heating and eating

Citizens Advice calls for wider reforms to social security benefits.

Campaigners deliver open letter to Downing Street calling on Boris Johnson to fix failing PIP benefit

21,000 call on Boris Johnson to fix failing Personal Independence Payments for disabled people.

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