Sunday, December 6, 2020


Coronavirus: Food banks swamped with requests for emergency food aid

Demand for emergency food parcels has reached unprecented levels as COVID-19 ravages already struggling communities.

Extending ban on evictions by 2 months is ‘only a stop gap’, say Shelter

Country faces a "tidal wave of homelessness" when the ban is lifted, say the charity Shelter.

Domestic abuse referrals have doubled under Covid-19 lockdown, charity says

And it says much more needs to be done to provide safe havens for victims.

Coronavirus lockdown could cause ‘long-term damage’ to children’s mental health, charity warns

Families encouraged to reach out for mental health support if they're struggling during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus pandemic has widened the gender pay gap, say poverty campaigners

Women hit harder than men by the economic fallout of the Coronavirus outbreak.

81% surge in foodbank use sparks calls for a stronger welfare safety net

Coalition of charities call for a 'Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme' to help protect low-income households.

Nearly 11 MILLION children at risk of Coronavirus poverty as campaigners demand benefit changes

More than two-thirds of UK children are living in households where their parents’ employment has been affected by Covid-19.

One in five will need benefits support during Coronavirus outbreak

New research comes as figures show 1.5 million households made a Universal Credit claim in only a month.

Emergency Fund to provide a lifeline for unpaid carers during coronavirus crisis

Charity reports huge upsurge in queries from carers regarding concerns caused by Coronavirus.

Scotland is facing a ‘cost of living crisis’, charity warns

UK Government is under mounting pressure to introduce an emergency 'universal basic income'.

How to get a non-repayable £500 emergency coronavirus grant

The grant can be used to cover vital living costs such as food and bills.

Coronavirus: Older people pressurised into signing ‘do not resuscitate’ forms, charities warn

"Shameful and unacceptable" policy must be abandoned immediately, say charities in a damning open letter.

Anger as Coronavirus patients are compared to ‘lepers’

The Leprosy Mission is calling for an end to the use of the term ‘leper’ in relation to Covid-19.

Charities at risk of collapse amid coronavirus pandemic

Charities urge government to 'save our sector'.

Carers UK welcomes changes to Carer’s Allowance in response to Coronavirus

The Government has introduced a new aspect to the eligibility criteria for claiming Carer’s Allowance.

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