Bereavement benefits to be extended to unmarried couples with children

Support extended to parents who were not married or in a civil partnership when their partner passed away.

Give terminally ill early access to their state pension, urges charity

Allowing people with a terminal illness early access to their state pension could lift thousands out of poverty.

Labour vow to transform ‘stressful’ welfare system

Proposals include changes to "arduous, lengthy and stressful" benefit assessments.

Benefits uprating wiped out by DWP deductions

Over half of all Universal Credit households are subject to deductions.

Thousands of families on Universal Credit face 80% tax deduction

Increasing numbers of families on benefits will face effective tax rates of at least 80% in 2019, research suggests.

Universal Credit childcare costs preventing parents from working, say MPs

The UK has one of the most costly child-care systems in the world.

107,000 families hit by ‘cruel’ benefit cap as winter bites and energy prices soar

UK government urged to scrap benefit cap and two-child limit policies.

Uprating benefits inline with inflation ‘crucial’ to helping 10 million families with cost of living crisis

"Surging food prices have driven a return to double-digit inflation across Britain."

Government must raise sick pay to the living wage rate, say charities and trade unions

Government urged to "create a sick pay system that is better for workers, employers and Britain's public health."

Opposition parties call for public inquiry into benefit deaths

The DWP has been implicated in a series of deaths and cases where people have been seriously harmed.

Covid schemes protected jobs but led to significant fraud and error, NAO report says

Report anticipates significant spending choices because of the urgency brought on by the pandemic.

Analysis shows which areas would be hardest hit by failing to uprate benefits with inflation

People living in former 'red wall' seats among those who will be devastated by proposed plan.