Petition calling for £25 Universal Credit uplift signed by tens of thousands

Petition argues that people on Universal Credit are being forced to choose between "paying bills and buying food."

MPs call on Chancellor to commit to raising benefits inline with inflation

The Work and Pensions Committee has written to Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

DWP announce date for second cost of living payment

By November 23, millions of homes throughout the United Kingdom will get a £324 cost of living cash boost. The government stated today that households...

Devolved nations demand ‘urgent meeting’ with Kwasi Kwarteng over tax and benefit plans

"Immediate steps required to reverse the detrimental effects of the UK Government's tax proposals."

Failing to uprate benefits with inflation would be the largest real-terms benefit cut in history

Think tank condemns "morally indefensible" plan to target low-income households whilst gifting tax cuts to the rich.

‘Osborne-level’ spending cuts feared after PM refuses to backtrack on tax cuts for the rich

Low-income families and benefit claimants to pay the price for Tory economic ineptitude.

Tens of thousands of benefit claimants with mental health problems at ‘real risk’ of losing benefits

Vulnerable claimants say mental health problems made it more difficult for them to apply for Universal Credit.

Tories blaming benefit claimants for the ‘economic catastrophe’ engulfing the UK

UK government under fire over harsh and draconian plans to clampdown on Universal Credit claimants.

Majority support scrapping cruel benefit cap but only a quarter want cap on bankers bonuses gone

The number of capped families increased from 103,000 in February to 110,000 in May 2022.

Government urged to scrap ‘cruel and irrational’ benefit cap

"It must be abolished before it harms more children," poverty charity says.

DWP confirm benefits and tax credits will be paid early due to Queen’s funeral

Your benefits may be affected if you are due to be paid on Monday 19th September.

Benefits won’t rise with inflation until April 2023

Government rejects calls to immediately increase social security benefits inline with inflation.