Saturday, May 25, 2019

UK News

Tory cuts ‘driving more and more families into poverty’

SNP call for an 'urgent review' of the tax credit two child policy.

Thousands of unpaid carers face benefit fraud allegations because of the DWP’s own incompetence

Carers threatened with fines and fraud investigations because of benefit over-payments not of their causing.

Hundreds die every month after being told to find work

SNP MP condemns "devastating consequences" of Tory welfare policies.

Labour could scrap Universal Credit, says John McDonnell

John McDonnell: "I think most people now are coming to the conclusion Universal Credit has got to be scrapped."

Former top civil servant slams ‘hostile environment’ toward disabled benefit claimants – after his own benefits were stopped

Mr McDonald was refused disability benefits, despite being diagnosed with Parkinsons and terminal cancer.

Universal Credit roll-out ‘could lead to a significant increase in foodbank use’, charity warns

Trussell Trust says the next stage in the roll-out of Universal Credit is likely to lead to a "significant increase in foodbank use".

Disabled woman nearly starved to death after her benefits were stopped

She was diagnosed with a medical condition normally only seen in areas of war and famine.

Disability campaigners march on Tory Conference in bid to highlight benefit deaths

Campaigners plan to draw attention to the "hostile environment" faced by disabled people and the devastating impact of social security cuts.

Care watchdog slams council’s ‘repeated failure’ to provide boy with learning difficulties adequate support

Council's refusal to provide adequate support "has had a significant, cumulative effect on his education", says Ombudsman.

Shameless Tory welfare chief accuses critics of ‘peddling fake news’

Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey MP said those who claim the Tories are cutting social security benefits are "peddling fake news".

Benefit cuts pushing thousands of Scots into poverty, report finds

UK Government spending on social security in Scotland has been slashed by £3.7 billion since 2010.

£1.3bn Tory funding cut will ‘tip many councils over the edge’, warn council leaders.

Social care and homelessness services in England under threat from further Tory cuts, despite mounting pressures and growing demand.

Universal Credit ‘makes debt and hardship practically inevitable’, says Archbishop

Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has condemned Universal Credit for making debt and poverty "practically inevitable".

Disabled man ‘suicidal’ and ‘living off water’ after disability benefits slashed

A partially blind a deaf man says he's been left feeling "suicidal" after the DWP stopped his disability benefits.

Universal Credit: Holyrood warned over massive increase in staff workload

DWP work coaches could see their workload quadruple under Universal Credit, experts warn.

Labour vow to ‘scrap the punitive benefit sanctions regime in its entirety’

Labour is also considering scrapping the Tories' flagship Universal Credit reform, said Margaret Greenwood MP.

Austerity and welfare reforms fueling excess mortality, report says

Landmark report warns that austerity and benefit changes have contributed to "a substantial excess mortality after 2010".

Low income workers underpaid a record £15.6 MILLION in 2017/18

Number of workers identified by the HMRC as being underpaid the minimum wage has doubled since last year.

DWP errors more than double in five years

Number of JSA claimants underpaid benefits due to official error has more than doubled since 2011/12.

Revealed: Half of DLA claimants lose higher mobility rate support when moved to PIP

FOI request reveals the extent to which disabled people are losing out under cruel welfare changes.

Carers struggle to protect elderly and disabled loved ones from poor nutrition

Families report struggling with a range of challenges as they support older and disabled loved ones to eat and drink healthily.

Theresa May pledges £2bn for ‘affordable’ and social homes

PM vows to deliver tens of thousands of new affordable and social homes.

Universal Credit to cost self-employed up to £3,000 a year in lost income

Universal Credit "does not take into account of the fact the income of the self-employed varies hugely from month to month".

More than two million Brits at risk of falling into poverty, report warns

An estimated 2.5million people in the UK are less than 10% above the poverty line.


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