Saturday, May 25, 2019


Thousands have missed out on six months of disability benefit payments

Thousands have lost out on disability payments for six months as a result of being moved to Universal Credit.

Tories plough on with Universal Credit without vital fixes

Delay in rollout ignores the well documented flaws in the Government's flagship welfare reform.

Scottish Government announce four new benefits to help struggling families

The announcement follows the successful introduction of higher benefit payments for Scotland's unpaid carers.

Most people say Labour have the most humane welfare policies – but only just

Exclusive: There is also strong support among benefit claimants for the SNP's approach to social security.

Scottish Government spend £125m to mitigate the worst of Tory benefit cuts

New Social Security Scotland agency had also spent £34 million making over 150,000 payments of Carers Allowance Supplement and Best Start Grants.

40% of parents failing to receive child maintenance under botched DWP scheme

SNP renews call for child maintenance to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

MSP slams two child benefit cap as more children are set be hit by Tory ‘poverty trap’

'Vindictive' policy will affect even more children and their families from February.

Unpaid trial workers at risk of exploitation over Christmas, says MP

UK Government has rejected calls to ban unpaid trial shifts.

‘There’s no such thing as the rape clause’, claims Tory MSP

Anger as Tory MSP attempts to play down the devastating impact of controversial benefit changes.

DWP must ‘show some compassion’ and halt benefit sanctions over Christmas, says MP

“The Tory government’s record on Christmas cheer is far from encouraging", says SNP MP.

Opposition parties call for vote of no confidence in the UK government

The SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Greens have tabled an amendment to Labour's No Confidence Motion.

Universal Credit is leaving women open to domestic abuse, says MP

85% of domestic abuse survivors say requesting Universal Credit split payments would only make the abuse worse.

‘Grinch’ DWP boss Amber Rudd urged to reinstate Christmas benefits bonus

The £10 Christmas bonus has been scrapped under Universal Credit.

Scrap the ‘cruel’ and ‘callous’ two-child benefits policy, says SNP MP

"No humane government would propose such a policy", says Alison Thewliss.

Tories under mounting pressure to ‘end injustice’ for WASPI women

Government ministers grilled by MPs over 3.8million women facing 'pensions inequality'.

PM slammed for ‘head in the sand’ approach to UK’s poverty crisis

UK Government cautioned against dismissing a scathing UN investigation into rising UK poverty.

Letter demands ‘urgent action’ on Universal Credit

New Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd urged to improve Universal Credit scheme.

New DWP boss must ‘completely overhaul’ Tory welfare policies, says SNP

Amber Rudd must use her new role to "completely overhaul a decade of failed Tory welfare policies", says SNP MP.

Tories must ‘grow a spine’ over failing Universal Credit scheme

Scottish Tories urged to support calls for the roll-out of Universal Credit in Scotland to be halted over poverty concerns.

Tory MSP ‘caught out’ on foodbank falsehood

He falsely claimed that foodbank use in his constituency had fallen, when in reality it has increased because of Universal Credit.

Mhairi Black: Don’t be fooled by the Chancellor’s ‘end of austerity’ claims

Chancellor hiding behind 'soundbites' while continuing the Tories' brutal austerity agenda, says SNP MP.

Budget 2018: Millions face a ‘Tory pay cut’ as austerity continues

Budget analysis reveals low and middle income families will be left worse off. while the rich get richer.

Shamed Tory MSP once called for a ‘restriction’ on the number of children poor families can have

Calls for Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne to resign following 'disgraceful' comments about families on benefits.

Anger as Tory MSP suggests poor people shouldn’t breed

SNP MSP blasts 'disgraceful' comment 'that would have been better suited to the pages of a Dickens novel'.


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