Iceland to help 40,000 pensioners with £30 food vouchers

Food vouchers to help pensioners with the growing cost of living crisis.

Cost of living support package will cover less than half of soaring costs, analysis shows

Financial help given to low-income households must be at least doubled to help families through the winter.

Nearly a third of key worker families in the North West have children living in poverty

TUC report reveals that 3 in 10 key worker homes in the North West have children living in poverty.

Unpaid carers ‘going hungry’ due to deepening cost of living crisis, report says

Carers of ill or disabled family members are being forced to skip meals and sit in the dark due to soaring prices.

Poorest parents pay three times as much on childcare than the richest

One-third of the poorest parents who utilise daycare are in "childcare poverty".

Two-child benefit limit causing ‘serious and significant harm’

The controversial two-child limit benefit policy is affecting over 1.3 million vulnerable children, official DWP figures show.

Benefit claimants hit by a ‘perfect storm’ during cost of living crisis

The last few years have been extremely tough for low-income households.

Benefit cuts pushed up relative child poverty, IFS report shows

Relative child poverty in the UK increased from 27% in 2013 to 31% in 2019.

Poorest Brits over 20% poorer than their French and German counterparts – and it’s getting worse

A "toxic combination" of low growth and high inequality has left incomes in Britain languishing well behind comparable countries.

Cost of living crisis raises food poverty concerns

More than one in ten know friends or family who are struggling to put food on the table.

UK families left with nothing for food after paying bills

New research lays bare the impact of soaring living costs on low-income families.

Tesco makes it easier to donate to food banks

Tesco unveils new ways to support local food banks and charities.