Saturday, May 25, 2019


Child poverty in Scotland set to reach a 20-year high, report warns

Scottish Government urged to "implement much more radical changes to social security".

Homeless to be given ‘stab proof coats’ following surge in attacks against rough sleepers

Rough sleepers are 17 times more likely to be the victims of violence than non-homeless people.

Universal Credit claimants forced to engage in ‘survival sex’ for food and shelter

MPs launch investigation into posssible link between Universal Credit and prostitution.

Disabled man ‘wasting away’ after DWP stopped his £700 a month disability benefits

Mr Jones says he has become "too weak to walk to foodbanks".

End the benefits freeze to save 200,000 people from poverty, Tories told

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to end the controversial freeze to working-age benefits in his spring statement.

‘Suicidal’ mum in fear of homelessness after disability benefits cut

A "suicidal" mum claims she is facing the prospect of having to live on the streets after her benefits were stopped.

Tory benefit freeze ‘predicted to increase poverty more than any other policy’

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to end the freeze to working-age benefits a year earlier than originally planned.

Thousands of pension credit claimants set to lose up to £7,000 a year

Tories warned that changes to pension credit could push mixed-age pensioner couples to food banks.

Heidi Allen savages Tory welfare policies in damning resignation speech

Ex-Tory MP says party "can't open their eyes to the suffering endured by the most vulnerable in society".

Child poverty to hit new record high unless Tories end cuts, report warns

Poor wage growth and benefit cuts to push a further one million children into poverty by the end of this parliament.

Homeless charities warn of ‘national emergency’ as soaring numbers of rough sleepers are admitted to hospitals

"The Government must ensure housing benefit can cover rents, and ramp up efforts to build more social homes."

Universal Credit couple say they were forced to steal food to feed baby

Couple said they couldn't continue relying on food banks after being made to wait weeks for Universal Credit.

Tories must apologise for denying food bank responsibility, says SNP

UK Government to blame for "years of unnecessary cruelty and suffering".

Universal Credit driving increase in food bank use, admits Amber Rudd

DWP boss finally admits that the Tories' flagship welfare reform has led to widespread hunger.

Callous Tories refuse to ease ‘pointlessly cruel’ benefit sanctions regime

DWP reject recommendations that are designed to protect vulnerable benefit claimants from financial hardship.

Nearly half of children in private rented homes are living in poverty

The number of children in private rented homes who are living in poverty has increased by 69% since 2008.

Half of Universal Credit claimants ‘struggling to keep a roof over their heads’

Citizens Advice warns that far too many Universal Credit claimants are still struggling to keep a roof over the heads.

Mentally ill man ‘forced to sleep on the streets’ after Universal Credit slashed

He claims that a letter asking him to attend a Jobcentre appointment was sent to the wrong address.

Disabled dad ‘starving and freezing to death’ after benefits axed

A disabled father and military veteran says he has been left feeling suicidal after his vital benefits were stopped.

Charities demand action on rough sleeping as vulnerable people are left to die on the streets

"A national crisis": Official figures show rough sleeping in England has soared by 165% since 2010.

World’s richest 26 people are hoarding as much wealth as the poorest half, says Oxfam

Oxfam calls for fairer taxation and properly funded public services to tackle growing wealth inequality.

Charities and politicians join forces to condemn ‘disgraceful’ two-child benefit cap

Amber Rudd urged to scrap the "disgraceful" policy in its entirety, or risk pushing thousands of more children into poverty.

Unpaid carer ‘surviving on a can of sweetcorn a day’ after benefits axed

Benefit bosses reportedly stopped his Carers Allowance payments, despite him being the sole carer for his disabled parents.

Woman loses her baby after Universal Credit ‘error’ left her homeless

DWP error meant that an ‘automatic’ rent payment was missed.


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