Suicides amongst 15-19 year olds in England hits 30-year high

Charity calls for urgent government support as teenage suicide rate jumps by over a third.

Whitehall staff strikes to mark new PM’s first day in office

Whitehall staff are striking over health and safety and other working entitlements.

Low-income parents missing out on vital help and support, report finds

Low-income parents are struggling to access essential pre-school child development and parenting support.

Council failed to provide support for disabled teenage siblings for 18 months

The two siblings have multiple disabilities including visual impairments and complex communication needs.

UK wealth gap hits record £1.2million

High wealth disparity implies many households lack a financial buffer against income shocks and cost-of-living rises

SEPA warns water shortages in Scotland ‘unlikely to improve’

SEPA warned in March about the growing threat of water scarcity this year.