SNP conference condemns the Tories ‘shameful’ approach to social security

"They must listen to all of the evidence of hardship and damage they are causing and urgently reassess their approach to welfare."

UK pension changes with have a ‘devastating impact on poorest pensioners’

SNP Conference passes motion condemning changes to pension credit.

Nearly 1.6 million people needed to use food banks last year, shocking figures show

Trussell Trust blamed the government's controversial Universal Credit regime.

Cut pensioner benefits to improve fairness, says Lords committee

Peers argue that many pensioners don't need free TV licences or bus passes because they are no longer living in poverty.

Nearly two million Universal Credit claimants to lose over £1,000 a year, says IFS

Around 11 million UK adults will eventually find themselves in receipt of Universal Credit payments.

£1bn a year funding gap in homelessness services ‘a matter of life and death’

Vital homelessness services in England are facing a £1billion a year funding gap due to Government cuts.

Seriously ill woman refused Universal Credit ‘on the verge of taking her own life’

Universal Credit has been blamed for pushing vulnerable people to food banks and others to suicide.

SNP highlight ‘deep concerns’ with Universal Credit ahead of crunch debate

MSPs call for 'fundamental reforms' to Universal Credit to reduce in-work poverty.

DWP delay disability back-payments to thousands cruelly denied benefits

Call for thousands of people who lost out on severe disability premium payments to be reimbursed.

DWP spend £120 MILLION trying to deny sick and disabled people benefits

At least 70% of benefit appeals are overturned at tribunal in favour of claimants.

DWP kept damning Universal Credit research ‘secret’ for 18 months

The research found that the majority of former tax credit claimants were struggling to cope under the new benefits system.

Lone parents vow to take two-child benefit limit to the supreme court

Court of Appeal recognised that children in families with more than two children were prejudicially affected by the policy.

Children’s life expectancy slips below their parents for the first time since records began

New film challenges people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Youth services slashed by 70% since 2010, say Labour

Austerity is "tearing the heart out of our communities", says Jeremy Corbyn.

London’s poverty hotspots revealed in new online tool

One in seven low-income families in London say they can't afford to pay their bills.

State pension age changes risk widening social inequalities, says thinktank

State Pension reforms risk exacerbating social inequalities, rather than alleviate them.

Teachers warn of ‘significant increase’ in child poverty

"Some students have mentioned that they have not had any food for two days."

Children with special needs missing out on £1.2bn in vital funding, says union

Local authorities across England are facing SEND funding shortfalls of a staggering 93%.

Benefit claimant with broken back killed himself after being found ‘fit for work’ by DWP

He was left pennniless and unable to pay the rent or top up his electricity meter.

Benefit claimant left sarcastic suicide note ‘thanking’ the DWP before taking his own life

Mr Sycamore was left unable to top up his electric meter due to problems with Universal Credit.

MPs slam ‘dismissive’ and ‘disrespectful’ DWP over Universal Credit report

Work and Pensions Committee blasts "disrespectful Government responses that treat us like dirt".

Homeless disabled woman left in unsuitable temporary accommodation, says Ombudsman

The woman had previously been sleeping rough in an airport.

Homeless family left in damp and cockroach-infested properties, says Ombudsman

Council did not deal properly with disrepair issues at two properties where it placed a homeless family.

MPs pressure Tories over bereavement benefit ‘injustice’ after Supreme Court ruling

MPs launch a follow-up inquiry into a “profound injustice” in bereavement benefits.


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