Local Government

Youth services slashed by 70% since 2010, say Labour

Austerity is "tearing the heart out of our communities", says Jeremy Corbyn.

Children with special needs missing out on £1.2bn in vital funding, says union

Local authorities across England are facing SEND funding shortfalls of a staggering 93%.

Homeless disabled woman left in unsuitable temporary accommodation, says Ombudsman

The woman had previously been sleeping rough in an airport.

Homeless family left in damp and cockroach-infested properties, says Ombudsman

Council did not deal properly with disrepair issues at two properties where it placed a homeless family.

Children face mental health ‘postcode lottery’, Commissioner warns

Over a third of councils in England have reduced real-terms spending on "low level" children's mental health services.

Heartless council removed homeless people’s tents and only belongings

The heartless eviction of rough sleepers in Cardiff city centre was supervised by police officers.

London council failed to adequately support disabled mother, says Ombudsman

Council failed to properly assess a disabled mother's needs when her young son moved from nursery to school.

Cuts are preventing councils from helping the homeless

Councils warn that vital services are suffering as a result of ongoing austerity.

Family left in unaffordable flat after council denies right to appeal homelessness decision

The council’s actions denied the father his rights as a homeless person, says Ombudsman.

Vulnerable children put at risk as vital funding is slashed to the bone

Funding for vital children's services in England has been slashed by a third per child since 2010.

Homeless woman left to ‘sofa surf’ whilst heavily pregnant, says Ombudsman

Council failed in its duty of care to provide support for a heavily pregnant woman who became homeless following a family breakdown.

Private profiteers Capita to continue benefiting from Westminster benefits contract

Capita awarded an extension to a 24-year-old contract to continue running council tax collection and benefit payments in London.

Social workers denied parents time with dying baby, says Ombudsman

Council was forced to apologise to the family and pay £2,000 for the distress caused.

Homeless teen became ’emaciated’ after he was left to sleep in a tent by Cornwall Council

Ombudsman condemns "long list of failures" that led to a vulnerable 17 year-old boy having to sleep rough.

Care watchdog slams council’s ‘repeated failure’ to provide boy with learning difficulties adequate support

Council's refusal to provide adequate support "has had a significant, cumulative effect on his education", says Ombudsman.

£1.3bn Tory funding cut will ‘tip many councils over the edge’, warn council leaders.

Social care and homelessness services in England under threat from further Tory cuts, despite mounting pressures and growing demand.

Disabled man with Downs Syndrome twice denied Blue Badge without proper assessment

Lancashire County Council denied a man with Downs Syndrome a Blue Badge without ever assessing his needs in person, says Ombudsman.

Severely disabled child left waiting three years for special home adaptions

Council failed to uphold it's legal duties to the family of a severely disabled boy, says Ombudsman.

Man with mental health problems forced to sleep on Parent’s sofa after London council offers inadequate support

Hounslow Council ended his supported accommodation tenancy and forced him to live with his parents.

Young adults with disabilities let down by council school transport policies

Councils should ensure their education transport policies properly support young adults with disabilities, says Ombudsman.

Former Capita contractor charged in £2 million fraud case

A former member of staff on a council contract with outsourcing firm Capita has been charged in a £2 million fraud case.

Council ignored medical evidence when deciding man’s housing application

Croydon council failed to take into account a man’s life-threatening health conditions, says Ombudsman.

Number of new social homes has plummeted by almost 90% under Tories

Labour say "it’s clear Ministers are still not building the homes the country needs".

Adult social care services on brink of collapse, survey shows

Some councils in England ‘cannot go on’ without long-term funding to underpin care.


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