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Man with mental health problems forced to sleep on Parent’s sofa after London council offers inadequate support

Hounslow Council ended his supported accommodation tenancy and forced him to live with his parents.

Housing experts blast ‘fundamentally unfair’ Tory benefit cap policy

DWP figures show the majority of those affected by the benefit cap are single parent households.

New research shows work is no protection against poverty and homelessness

Most homelessness families in temporary accommodation include at least one adult in work.

Nearly 3 in 4 universal credit households in rent arrears, report warns

Government urged to slow down the roll-out of Universal Credit and fix outstanding problems.

New Tory housing minister says rough sleepers are ‘too comfortable’ on the streets

Kit Malthouse once argued that it was "absolutely right" to make life "uncomfortable" for homeless people.

‘Flawed’ universal credit driving social housing tenants into debt and hardship

Housing federations join forces to warn that the Universal Credit system is “flawed” and causing debt, suffering and hardship.

Disabled war veteran threatened with homelessness after DWP slashed his benefits

George Brodie served in the first Gulf War and says he has been failed by the so-called 'military covenant'.

‘Shocking’ rise in child homelessness ‘should shame the government’, say Labour

Rising homelessness "a direct result" of government cuts to welfare benefits and council funding, say Labour.

Council ignored medical evidence when deciding man’s housing application

Croydon council failed to take into account a man’s life-threatening health conditions, says Ombudsman.

Number of new social homes has plummeted by almost 90% under Tories

Labour say "it’s clear Ministers are still not building the homes the country needs".

‘Scandal’ of mentally ill rough sleepers left to die on London’s streets

Research shows a substantial rise in number of rough sleepers with mental health issues who have died on London's streets.

Homeless lack specialist counselling services, says charity

Nearly 9 in 10 homeless people have experienced serious mental health issues, according to a new report.

‘Hidden housing crisis’ is damaging disabled people’s health, warns charity

365,000 disabled people "trapped" in unsuitable homes and unable to find accessible housing.

More than 100,000 trapped on social housing waiting lists for over a decade

Calls for the Government to prioritise the building of homes for social rent in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy.

Universal credit tips poor into hardship, says charity

Joseph Rowntree Foundation says cuts, debts and housing costs push poor over the edge.

Grenfell survivors supported by faith groups while officials did nothing

Damning report reveals how faith groups were left to fill the gap left by a lack of official support.

Hundreds of deaths of homeless people ‘going unexamined’

Reviews to find if deaths in England and Wales could be prevented ‘are not being used’.

Older people at risk of being excluded from vital financial support

A growing shift to online only benefit applications means some older people are at risk of missing out on vital financial support.

DWP accused of ‘cack-handed’ reform to mortgage support benefits

29,000 homeowners have yet respond to news that their mortgage interest support payments are about to end.

Universal Credit causing a ‘hostile environment’ for thousands of families

Unite will be holding a 'National Day of Action against Universal Credit' on Thursday 24 May.

Government must do more to support young people on benefits – report

Harsh benefit rules mean some young people are forced to live on less than £3 a day, report says.

Hundreds of homeless people fined and imprisoned in England and Wales

The Guardian finds over 50 local authorities with PSPOs in place prohibiting begging and loitering.

Hundreds hidden from Northern Ireland’s homeless figures

Almost 600 adults and children were allegedly removed from the March homeless figures.

Corbyn pledges ‘one million genuinely affordable homes’ – speech

New Green Paper promises 'Houses for the Many' with a focus on building homes for social rent.

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