Saturday, May 25, 2019


Free PO boxes key to ending homelessness in the UK, says charity

Homeless people should be given access to free PO boxes to ensure they don't miss important benefit letters, says Citizens Advice.

‘National disgrace’: Child homelessness continues to soar under Tories

The number of children housed in temporary accomodation has reached a 12-year high, official figures show.

Severely disabled man ‘threatened with eviction’ after benefits stopped

Mr Hamlett claims he has been hit by the Tories' cruel and inhumane 'bedroom tax' policy.

Britain’s homelessness crisis is a national shame that must not be ignored

Shocking report reveals that 1 in every 200 people in Britain don't have a home to call their own.

Homeless woman left to ‘sofa surf’ whilst heavily pregnant, says Ombudsman

Council failed in its duty of care to provide support for a heavily pregnant woman who became homeless following a family breakdown.

‘No DSS’: Housing Benefit claimants subjected to ‘unlawful discrimination’

At least 1 in 10 private rented properties are advertised in a way that could be breach of equality laws, say housing experts.

Stop criticising Universal Credit or lose vital funding, homeless charity told

Charity boss claims she's been told to stay silent or risk missing out on crucial funding.

‘Alarming increase’ in the number of people sleeping rough in London

The number of people recorded as sleeping rough in London has increased by a shocking 17% over the last year.

Homeless teen became ’emaciated’ after he was left to sleep in a tent by Cornwall Council

Ombudsman condemns "long list of failures" that led to a vulnerable 17 year-old boy having to sleep rough.

£1.3bn Tory funding cut will ‘tip many councils over the edge’, warn council leaders.

Social care and homelessness services in England under threat from further Tory cuts, despite mounting pressures and growing demand.

Lessons ‘need to be learned’ from Welsh homelessness law, says report

An academic has studied the impact of new laws giving councils a legal duty to prevent homelessness.

Housing benefit ‘has failed to keep pace with even the cheapest private rents’

Thousands of private renters on low incomes at risk of poverty and homelessness, warn housing experts.

Number of homeless children in temporary accommodation hits record 123,000

Number of homeless children in temporary accommodation has increased by 76% in the last seven years.

Rough sleeper set on fire by callous yobs in Northampton

The sleeping man only survived the brutal assault because his friends noticed that his sleeping bag was on fire.

Man with mental health problems forced to sleep on Parent’s sofa after London council offers inadequate support

Hounslow Council ended his supported accommodation tenancy and forced him to live with his parents.

New research shows work is no protection against poverty and homelessness

Most homelessness families in temporary accommodation include at least one adult in work.

New Tory housing minister says rough sleepers are ‘too comfortable’ on the streets

Kit Malthouse once argued that it was "absolutely right" to make life "uncomfortable" for homeless people.

Disabled war veteran threatened with homelessness after DWP slashed his benefits

George Brodie served in the first Gulf War and says he has been failed by the so-called 'military covenant'.

‘Shocking’ rise in child homelessness ‘should shame the government’, say Labour

Rising homelessness "a direct result" of government cuts to welfare benefits and council funding, say Labour.

Devastated mum of murdered children fears eviction after benefits axed

Callous benefit bosses axed her disability benefits despite knowing about the severe trauma she had experienced.

‘Scandal’ of mentally ill rough sleepers left to die on London’s streets

Research shows a substantial rise in number of rough sleepers with mental health issues who have died on London's streets.

Homeless lack specialist counselling services, says charity

Nearly 9 in 10 homeless people have experienced serious mental health issues, according to a new report.

More than 100,000 trapped on social housing waiting lists for over a decade

Calls for the Government to prioritise the building of homes for social rent in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy.

Universal credit tips poor into hardship, says charity

Joseph Rowntree Foundation says cuts, debts and housing costs push poor over the edge.


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